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Virtual device #41

merged 122 commits into from Oct 2, 2017
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ctlra: add device by vendor api to show devices

This commit adds an API to get a list of devices supported by a
vendor. The vendor and device APIs can be easily used to build a
simple user-interface for selecting or showing users what devices
are supported by Ctlra.

Signed-off-by: Harry van Haaren <>
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harryhaaren committed Sep 24, 2017
commit 7742f9d86c660c5a063c0f4b628a646eaed5bc69
@@ -77,6 +77,30 @@ struct ctlra_dev_t *ctlra_dev_connect(struct ctlra_t *ctlra,
return 0;
ctlra_get_devices_by_vendor(const char *vendor, const char *devices[],
int32_t size)
memset(devices, 0, sizeof(char *) * size);
int device_idx = 0;
int i;
for(i = 0; i < __ctlra_device_count; i++) {
if(__ctlra_devices[i].info) {
const char *v = __ctlra_devices[i].info->vendor;
const char *d = __ctlra_devices[i].info->device;
/* check this device is by vendor */
if(strcmp(vendor, v) == 0) {
if(device_idx >= size)
devices[device_idx++] = d;
return device_idx;
ctlra_get_vendors(const char *vendors[], int32_t size)
@@ -308,6 +308,23 @@ int32_t ctlra_dev_disconnect(struct ctlra_dev_t *dev);
int32_t ctlra_get_vendors(const char *vendors[], int32_t size);
/** Retrieve a list of devices by a specific vendor. The returned strings
* are human-readable names of devices. These names could be presented to
* the user in eg: a drop down box allowing the user to select a specific
* device. One use case could be virtualizing a specific hardware device
* @param vendor The vendor from which to find all supported devices. See
* the *ctlra_get_vendors* function to retrieve vendors.
* @param devices An array of at least *size* to be filled in with null
* terminated strings, with each string representing a device.
* @param size Size of the devices array passed in.
* @return The number of devices populated in the array
int32_t ctlra_get_devices_by_vendor(const char *vendor,
const char *devices[],
int32_t size);
/** Add a virtualized device. This function adds a "virtual" device, which
* provides the controls of the physical device by displaying a user
* interface. In order for this function to operate, the device being
@@ -142,9 +142,14 @@ int main(int argc, char **argv)
const char *vendors[32];
int ret = ctlra_get_vendors(vendors, 32);
printf("get vendors ret = %d\n", ret);
for(int i = 0; i < ret; i++) {
printf("%d: %s\n", i, vendors[i]);
const char *devices[32];
int devs = ctlra_get_devices_by_vendor(vendors[i],
devices, 32);
for(int j = 0; j < devs; j++) {
printf(" - %d: %s\n", j, devices[j]);
struct ctlra_t *ctlra = ctlra_create(NULL);
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