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Virtual device #41

merged 122 commits into from Oct 2, 2017
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device_test: remove comments, make dev friendly

Remove various "noobie" comments from the device-test example,
it is a developer tool, and should not be used as a goto example
by new developers.

Signed-off-by: Harry van Haaren <>
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harryhaaren committed Sep 15, 2017
commit 7d802484225aec0bb1d2f5eaaa1ac6e71518e7dc
@@ -41,22 +41,12 @@ void simple_feedback_func(struct ctlra_dev_t *dev, void *d)
void simple_event_func(struct ctlra_dev_t* dev, uint32_t num_events,
struct ctlra_event_t** events, void *userdata)
/* Events from the Ctlra device are handled here. They should be
* decoded, and events sent to the application. Note that this
* function must *NOT* send feedback to the device. Instead, the
* feedback_func() above should be used to send feedback. For a
* proper demo on how to do feedback, see examples/vegas/
static const char* grid_pressed[] = { " ", " X " };
/* Retrieve info, so we can look up names. Note this is not
* expected to be used in production code - the names should be
* cached in the UI, and not retrieved on every event */
struct ctlra_dev_info_t info;
ctlra_dev_get_info(dev, &info);
avtka_mirror_hw_cb(avtka_ui, num_events, events, 0x0);
avtka_mirror_hw_cb((struct ctlra_dev_t *)avtka_ui, num_events,
events, 0x0);
for(uint32_t i = 0; i < num_events; i++) {
struct ctlra_event_t *e = events[i];
@@ -126,9 +116,6 @@ void sighndlr(int signal)
void simple_remove_func(struct ctlra_dev_t *dev, int unexpected_removal,
void *userdata)
/* Notifies application of device removal, also allows cleanup
* of any device specific structures. See daemon/ example, where
* the MIDI I/O is cleaned up in the remove() function */
struct ctlra_dev_info_t info;
ctlra_dev_get_info(dev, &info);
printf("simple: removing %s %s\n", info.vendor, info.device);
@@ -143,15 +130,9 @@ int accept_dev_func(const struct ctlra_dev_info_t *info,
void *userdata)
printf("simple: accepting %s %s\n", info->vendor, info->device);
/* Fill in the callbacks the device needs to function.
* In this example, all events are routed to the above functions,
* which simply print the event that occurred. Look at the daemon/
* example in order to see how to send MIDI messages for events */
*event_func = simple_event_func;
*feedback_func = simple_feedback_func;
*remove_func = simple_remove_func;
/* Optionally provide a userdata. It is passed to the callback
* functions simple_event_func() and simple_feedback_func(). */
*userdata_for_event_func = userdata;
led_count = info->control_count[CTLRA_FEEDBACK_ITEM];
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