A wavetable LV2 plugin synth, targeted at the electronic / dubstep genre.
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Sorcer - OpenAV Productions

Official page: http://openavproductions.com/sorcer

This is the repository of a wavetable synthesizer called Sorcer.



Use CMake to compile and install Sorcer:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
make install

If an error saying "package NTK not found" occurs, it means the development files for NTK are not present. The following will download the source for NTK and install it:

git clone git://git.tuxfamily.org/gitroot/non/fltk.git ntk
cd ntk
./waf configure --prefix=/usr
./waf install


After the INSTALL step Ardour3, QTractor, and any other LV2 host should automatically find Sorcer, and add it to the list of loadable plugins.

If you have the JALV LV2 host installed, the "run.sh" script can be used to launch Sorcer as a standalone JACK client.

$ ./run.sh


Presets are included in this repo, and copied to the

Bug Reports

Please use the issue tracker on github to report bugs: https://github.com/harryhaaren/openAV-Sorcer/issues/new


I've removed the dependency on FAUST to install: the generated CPP file is included in the repo now. To tweak the FAUST code, just edit faust/main.dsp.

Use FAUST with the following command to generate the next .cpp file:

faust main.dsp > main.cpp

See the CMakeLists.txt file in the top directory for instructions on how to re-compile with the modified FAUST code.


If you have a particular question, email me!


Cheers, -Harry