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Assets 6


  • BCF data
  • links to tutorials
  • TTL files (in ifcOWL structure).


  • position of the construction aspect model (fixed alignment)

Since the dataset is very large, the release has been slit up in several files for your convenience:

  • schependomlaan - complete: is the complete set of all files
  • schependomlaan - IFC: only the .ifc and .ifczip data
  • schependomlaan - Point Clouds: only the pointcloud data
  • schependomlaan - TTL: only the ifcOWL TTL data

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Assets 3

The data is gathered during the master thesis project of Stijn van Schaijk. In collaboration with Hendriks Bouw en Ontwikkeling, ROOT BV, TNO and RAAMAC the data is collected.

The data is free available and can for example be used by researchers or software developers to test and validate new tools, or can be studied by students, or can be used by BIM newbies to explore BIM potentials.

By publishing on github we hope to motivate people to collaborate and supplement the dataset. If you have used the data in order to create new files, please contribute :).

Find the announcement of this release on https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/just-publised-free-reuse-bim-dataset-stijn-van-schaijk