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A test application for demonstrating some commands of the openDAQ board
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DAQControl is a test software application intended for demonstrating the command-response operation of openDAQ. This demo is compatible with Python 3.X.

OpenDAQ is an open source data acquisition instrument, which provides user several physical interaction capabilities such as analog inputs and outputs, digital inputs and outputs, timers and counters.

Through a USB connection, openDAQ brings all the information that it captures to a host computer, where you can decide how to process, display and store it. Several demos and examples are provided in website's support page. (

Please, go to for additional info. For support, e-mail to


You will need administrator rights (root access) to install this package system-wide.

DAQControl demo will require to install matplotlib and PyQt5 packages. To install them:

    $ pip3 install matplotlib
    $ pip3 install pyqt5


To install the last stable version:

    $ pip3 install daqcontrol

To install the development version (it is highly recommended to use a virtual environment for this):

    $ git clone
    $ cd daqcontrol
    $ python install

In any case, if for any reason the setup fails, DAQControl demo will require these others packages:

  • opendaq

  • setuptools

  • numpy

  • serial

All these packages are available on pip. To install them:

    $ pip3 install "package"
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