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Arduino-like firmware for openDAQ
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openDAQ firmware

This is the firmware of the openDAQ board. It is based on Arduino.

The complete documentation is here.

OpenDAQ is an USB measurement and automation device which provides multifunction data-logging capabilities, analog inputs and outputs, digital inputs and outputs, timer, counter and many more features.

You can control openDAQ using the opendaq-python package, or using any of the GUI demos.

How to setup the Arduino IDE

First of all, you must have Arduino 1.6.0 or newer installed.

Using Make (optional)

If you prefer using the command line, the provided Makefile will let you build the project and flash your board without opening the Arduino IDE. You will need to have the Arduino IDE and Arduino-Makefile installed.

In Debian/Ubuntu, you can install Arduino-Makefile from the default apt repository:

sudo apt-get install arduino-mk

You may need to modify some variables inside de provided Makefile depending on your OS and Arduino setup. Please read the documentation of Arduino-Makefile.

If everything is OK, type make upload. The code should be compiled and your OpenDAQ programmed.

Coding style

Code is formatted with 4 space indentation. Tabs are expanded to spaces.

The code can be automatically formated using astyle:

astyle --style=stroustrup -p -c -s4 *.cpp *.h
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