JSON-Schema Specifications
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JSON schemas for use with openEHR systems and tools. See working baseline of current specifications.

These schemas are in development and subject to change.

Releases and IM Versions

All schema are generated from current specifications of the most relevant openEHR UML models and components. The repository is structured as follows:

/examples                # JSON examples
    /BASE                # schemas for BASE component
        /Release-1.1.0   # schemas for Release-1.1.0 of BASE
        /latest          # schemas for working version of BASE
    /AM                  # schemas for AM component
        /Release-2.0.0   # schemas for Release-2.0.0 of AM
        /latest          # schemas for working version of AM
    /RM                  # schemas for RM component
        /Release-1.0.4   # schemas for Release-1.0.4 of RM
        /latest          # schemas for working version of RM
    /PROC                # schemas for PROC component
        /Release-1.0.0   # schemas for Release-1.0.0 of PROC
        /latest          # schemas for working version of PROC

Additional JSON-Schema keywords

Schema format is based on draft-07 of JSON-Schema specifications.

A few other keywords are used to support openEHR metadata: $abstract, $inherits, $children, $functions, $invariants, $version and $component. These keywords don’t have to be supported by JSON-Schema validators, their purpose is only informational.


JSON schema were initially authored by Code24.