Process Bootstrapping

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The openETCS development process needs an initial set-up to bootstrap itself. Therefore the following initial projects and roles are assigned from scratch:

  • The PCB consists of the openETCS project lead and the WP leaders. Additional members can be elected
  • There is one top-level project for every WorkPackage defined in the ITEA project proposal, i.e. WP1, WP2, WP3a, WP3b, WP4, WP5, WP6. The names of these projects are descriptive, e.g. "toolchain" for WP3a. The project leads of the top-level projects are the corresponding WP leaders. They are allowed to initially nominate up to three committers. These committers should be from different partners.
  • The ecosystem project exists as a first graduated project under the top-level project WP3a. The project has an initial set of committers, but is open to any interested party. The administrative tasks of the ecosystem project shall be transferred to the project office.
  • The mentoring board is nominated and aprooved by the PMB
  • In a preparation phase, top-level projects can be privat repositories, until the PCA is signed. Those projects will be converted to public projects including their history and mailing lists within 6 month after the PCA has been signed including the history. If projects are not made public, they can be terminated by the PMB.
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