State of Deliverables

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WP1 Project Management

Remarks: Finalization of D1.3.1. "Project Guide on Quality Assurance" was delayed due to changes in responsibilty.

no. title due state actual/planned delivery
D1.1.1 Report on final Project Plan and Meeting Agenda 2013/Q1 100% 2013/Q4
D1.3.1 Project Guide on Quality Assurance 2013/Q1 100% 2014/Q1
D1.2.1 Periodic Report 2013/Q1 100% 2013/Q1
D1.2.2 Periodic Report 2013/Q3 100% 2013/Q3
D1.2.3 Periodic Report 2014/Q1 100% 2014/Q1
D1.2.4 Periodic Report 2014/Q3 100% 2014/Q3
D1.2.5 Periodic Report 2015/Q1 100% 2015/Q1
D1.2.6 Periodic Report 2015/Q3 100% 2015/Q3
D1.1.2 Final Report 2016/Q1 100% 2016/Q1

WP2 Requirements for Open Proofs

Remarks: The completion of D2.4 had been postponed after the final decision on the tool chain by WP7.

no. title due state actual/planned delivery
D2.1 Report on existing methodologies 2013/Q1 100% 2013/Q1
D2.2 Report on CENELEC standards 2013/Q1 100% 2013/Q2
D2.3 Process definition 2013/Q2 100% 2013/Q2
D2.4 Methods definition 2013/Q1 100% 2014/Q1
D2.5 Description of ETCS using those methodologies 2013/Q2 100% 2013/Q2
D2.6 Requirements for the model 2013/Q2 100% 2013/Q2
D2.7 Set of requirements for API, tools, V&V 2013/Q2 100% 2013/Q2
D2.8 Set of requirements for tools 2013/Q2 100% 2013/Q2
D2.9 Set of requirements for V&V 2013/Q2 100% 2013/Q2

WP7 openETCS Tool Chain

Remarks: None.

no. title due state actual/planned delivery
D7.1 Report on the final choice(s) for the primary tool chain (means of description, tool and platform) 2013/Q3 100% 2013/Q3
D7.2 Report on all aspects of secondary tooling (results of T7.2) 2013/Q3 100% 2014/Q1
D7.3 Tool chain qualification process description 2014/Q1 100% 2014/Q4
D7.4 Tool chain first release 2014/Q1 100% 2013/Q4
D7.5 Ecosystem Artefacts: Proposed Terms of use, Proposed Committer Agreements, Proposed IP Policy, Proposed Development Process Description, Development Process Guidelines, Infrastructure Documentation, Infrastructure Template, Evolution Report of previous Deliverables 2015/Q4 100% 2015/Q4

WP3 Modelling - Code Generation

Remarks: None.

no. title due state actual/planned delivery
D3.5 First iteration of system specification model 2014/Q2 100% 2014/Q4
D3.6 First iteration of functional model 2014/Q2 100% 2014/Q4
- n-th iteration of system specification model (D3.5.n) and of functional model (D3.6.n) regular releases - -
D3.7 System architecture model with physical allocation 2015/Q3 100% 2015/Q4
D3.8 Open Source Code 2015/Q4 100% 2015/Q4

WP4 Validation & Verification Strategy

Remarks: None.

no. title due state actual/planned delivery
D4.1 Report on V&V Plan & Methodology 2013/Q3 100% 2013/Q4
D4.2.1 1st V&V report on model 2013/Q4 100% 2015/Q1
D4.2.2 1st V&V report on implementation / code 2013/Q4 100% 2015/Q1
D4.2.3 Safety Plan 2013/Q4 100% 2015/Q1
D4.3.1 Final V&V Report on model 2015/Q4 100% 2015/Q4
D4.3.2 Final V&V Report on implementation / code 2015/Q4 100% 2015/Q4
D4.3.3 Final V&V Report on tool chain / process 2015/Q4 100% 2015/Q4
D4.4 Final V&V Report 2015/Q4 100% 2015/Q4
D4.5 Internal Assessment Report 2015/Q4 100% 2015/Q4

WP5 openETCS Demonstrator

Remarks: None.

no. title due state actual/planned delivery
D5.1 Functional Specification of Demonstrator 2014/Q2 100% 2014/Q3
M5.1 First iteration of OBU Simulator available 2014/Q3 100% 2014/Q3
M5.2 Data for testing available 2014/Q3 100% 2015/Q4
M5.3 Preliminary test Environment with Logical interfaces and remote access 2014/Q4 100% 2015/Q1
M5.4 Test Environment with Logical interfaces and remote access available 2015/Q1 100% 2015/Q4
D5.2 OBU Simulator Demonstrator 2015/Q2 100% 2015/Q4
M5.5 Main Tests Executed 2015/Q4 100% 2015/Q4
D5.3 Report on Test results 2015/Q4 100% 2015/Q4

WP6 Dissemination, Exploitation and Standardization

Remarks: Finalization of D6.2 was delayed by two weeks due to christmas holidays.

no. title due state actual/planned delivery
D6.1 Dissemination Plan and Report 2013/Q1 100% 2013/Q1
D6.2 Initial Exploitation Plan and Standardization Strategy, Open Source Business Model 2013/Q4 100% 2014/Q1
D6.3 Updated Dissemination Report 2014/Q3 100% 2014/Q4
M6.1 Midterm Workshop Organization 2014/Q3 100% 2014/Q3
D6.4 Updated Exploitation Plan, Report Standardization 2014/Q4 100% 2015/Q1
D6.5 Final Dissemination Report, Final Exploitation Plan, Final Standardization Report 2015/Q4 100% 2015/Q4
M6.2 Final Workshop Organization 2015/Q4 100% 2015/Q4