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this is a collaboratively written openFrameworks book.

for other language, please read below.

please note that this is still work-in-progress

Building the Book


Scripts for building the web and pdf versions of the book are in scripts/ directory: and You must run them from the scripts/ directory, so either double-click the script or run it from command line.

  • When building the web book, the website is stored in the output/webBook directory. Opening up output/webBook/index.html will open up the table of contents.
  • When building the pdf book, the pdf is created at output/ofBook.pdf. output/ofBook.tex is also created, for debugging purposes.


  1. install pip at the terminal sudo easy_install pip
  2. install beauitful soup 4 (bs4) pip install beautifulsoup4
  3. install pandoc
  4. install basictex & MacTeX-Additions
  5. install libsass sudo pip install libsass

Windows Installation of Dependencies

  1. Download and install Python 2.7+
  2. Get the necessary python libraries using the python package manager (pip).
  • Python 2.7.9 and later (on the python2 series), and Python 3.4 and later include pip by default, so you may have pip already. It is typically stored in C:/PythonXX/Scripts. To access it from command line, you will need to add the location of your Scripts folder to your path variable (see this guide).
  • Download and install beauitful soup 4 (bs4). Run pip install beautifulsoup4 from the command line to install BeautifulSoup.
  • Download and install libsass: pip install libsass
  1. Download and install pandoc using the latest windows installer (.msi) from here
  2. Download and install MiKTeX using the windows installer from here
  • When installing, check the box for "Install Packages on the Fly." The pandoc -> PDF pipeline uses latex packages that don't all come standard with MiKTeX, so this will allow you to grab any missing packages when building the book for the first time.

Debian (Linux)

  1. install packages: sudo apt-get install python-pip python2.7-dev git pandoc ruby-sass texlive
  2. install beauitful soup 4 and libsass: pip install beauitfulsoup4 libsass

contribution workflow

Since git is at the heart of the management of this endeavour, please check the git best practices. If you do not agree with all of them, please at least stick to the "Do commit early and often" paradigm. This will make doing reviews, picking the good stuff from your contributions and polishing the rest a lot easier. Github itself also offers a lot of help on common issues. So sign up, fork the repo and send your pull requests along our way.

#Mailing List

openFrameworks Book discussion.

Older Book discussions can be checked at ofBook Archives


In addition to the python routines to build the book, there is also an optional gulp file for use in style development. It requires gulp, browser-sync and gulp sass and can be used primarily to see changes to CSS reflect live on the static pages. You have to run the python createWebBook script first.