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This GitHub repository contains markdown files for building up an online documentation for the Xikolo MOOC platform with ReadTheDocs. Here the basics about how it works is summed up.

General Info

A way of putting a documentation online is the combination of three tools:

  • GitHub

Can be used for hosting and editing the necessary files representing the documentations content (the markdown files) and structure (.yml file)

  • MkDocs

This is essentially a python script, i.e. the technology used to build static html files as the output; takes the markdown files and the one .yml configuration file as input.

  • ReadTheDocs

A webservice using MkDocs as one backend for building the documentation out of markdown files and hosting the html documentation site in the end; it connects to GitHub (or other sources) to read in the content (markdown files) and configuration (mkdocs.yml file)

Updating the Teaching Guidelines

1st step: Editing Process

  • Log in here on GitHub, make sure you have owner status for this repository and
  • add/edit markdown file(s) to update the content of the documentation
  • if you want to reorder chapters or add new md-files, edit the mkdocs.yml and adjust order/filenames
  • also adjust those changes inside the file
  • CAVE: but never rename the mkdocs.yml or the files!
  • you can also customize themes and build more complex document structures (follow the link to the manuals below)

.yml configuration file

2nd step: Building Process

  • Log in at --> ReadTheDocs
  • make a new build. ReadTheDocs will fetch the files from GitHub and update the documentary immediately. For more info about this process look up the ReadTheDocs documentation (link below).

rtd environment

More info ...

... about ReadTheDocs:

... about MKDocs (the python backand ReadTheDocs is using to build an HTML site out of md-files):

... about Markdown


This repository contains markdown files for building a documentation for course instructors with ReadYourDocs






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