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This repository contains a set of properties of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC). This is currently WIP, but should become an open micro standard for MOOC-Providers as well as Course search engines for MOOCs. The openHPI-Team took a look at big MOOC providers, online course search websites and existing standards. We found out important and often used properties and collected them in a table (mooc-microstandard-research.xls).

Afterwards we used the schema of to fit the properties in a formal way (mooc-microstandard-types.xls).

To provide you an easy way to read and contribute to this standard, we include a sample course in this repository. This sample course is represented in three forms:

  • sampleCourse.html - HTML format (Just open it with a text editor.)
  • sampleCourse.json - JSON format
  • sampleCourse.xml - XML format + XSD file

What you can do

This mooc-standard is not finished yet. If you have any remarks, requests/suggestions for new properties or renaming properties, please request an issue on this github repository or drop an email to or


  • Initial suggestion by Jan Renz (HPI/openHPI)
  • The workload attribute has been changed from type number to type range by suggestion of
  • The license attribute has been added by suggestion of Laia Canals from


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