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Document the special watchpoint global variables

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the condition is evaluated. If the condition evaluated to true, the command is executed. The condition and the
command are similar to the ones in the <code>set_bp</code> subcommand. A watchpoint can either be set on a single memory
address or I/O port (specify a single value), or on a whole memory or I/O port range (specify a begin/end pair).
For example: <code>debug set_watchpoint write_mem {0x8000 0x8FFF}</code></td>
For example: <code>debug set_watchpoint write_mem {0x8000 0x8FFF}</code>. During the execution of <code>&lt;cmd&gt;</code>, the following global Tcl variables are set: <code>::wp_last_address</code>, which is the actual address of the mem/io read/write that triggered the watchpoint and <code>::wp_last_value</code>, the actual value that was written by the mem/io write that triggered the watchpoint.</td>

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