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This is the Win32 packaging project.

Here's a short manual, last updated for openMSX 0.6.3.

How to get an installer:

1) make sure you can compile openMSX and Catapult.

See their manuals. If the relative path to the openMSX source dir and the 
Catapult source dir is not ../openMSX and ../Catapult respectively,
you need to define the environment variable OPENMSX_PATH and/or
CATAPULT_PATH that says where the source trees are.

2) prepare a directory where you put the additional files that have to end up
in the package.

For now, this is:
- the DLL's that Catapult needs (use Catapult/bin as dir structure)
- extra documentation

This directory should be pointed to in ADDFILES_PATH.

3) give the make command. 


$ ADDFILES_PATH=/c/openmsx-package-win32/addfiles  OPENMSX_PATH=/c/openmsx-branch_0_6_3 make

The additional files are in /c/openmsx-package-win32-addfiles, we want to use
the openMSX sources in /c/openmsx-branch_0_6_3 and apparently Catapult is
in ../Catapult.