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  1. osem

    Open Source Event Manager. An event management tool tailored to Free and Open Source Software conferences.

    Ruby 482 377

  2. open-build-service

    A generic system to build and distribute packages from sources in an automatic, consistent and reproducible way. Release your software for a wide range of operating systems and hardware architectures.

    Ruby 408 261

  3. snapper

    Manage filesystem snapshots and allow undo of system modifications

    C++ 324 65

  4. umoci

    umoci modifies Open Container images

    Go 171 31

  5. zypper

    World's most powerful command line package manager

    C++ 133 54

  6. software-o-o

    The site behind software.opensuse.org. It is the default web interface to download openSUSE distribution and to search for OBS packages.Packages at https://build.opensuse.org/project/show/openSUSE:…

    Ruby 39 64

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