@fsundermeyer fsundermeyer released this Aug 31, 2018 · 3 commits to develop since this release

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  • #475: Fixed bash completion
  • #474: Fixed wrong variable assignment (ODG_DIR)
  • #473: Only generate SVG/PNG from ODG if ODG images are used

@sknorr sknorr released this Aug 8, 2018 · 7 commits to develop since this release

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@sknorr sknorr released this Aug 8, 2018 · 26 commits to develop since this release

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  • fixed issue with new well-formedness check breaking validation and build

@sknorr sknorr released this Aug 8, 2018 · 29 commits to develop since this release

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  • added AsciiDoc post-processing stylesheet for cleaning up intermediate DocBook XML generated from AsciiDoc (#457)
  • added support for Hunspell spellchecking (#429)
  • improved conversion stylesheets for Novdoc
  • improved daps-xmlformat configuration (#440)
  • added support for custom XEP configuration files shipped with the stylesheets (#459)
  • improved check for well-formedness by ignoring duplicate IDs in this step (#426)
  • improved parts of the beginner documentation

@sknorr sknorr released this Jun 8, 2018 · 55 commits to develop since this release

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Update Novdoc conversion stylesheet to correctly convert SOC/HOS

  • remove all the tags that are not allowed within screens
  • convert entry/procedure to entry/orderedlist

@sknorr sknorr released this Apr 26, 2018 · 62 commits to develop since this release

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Added unit tests for asciidoc

@sknorr sknorr released this Apr 26, 2018 · 64 commits to develop since this release

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Fixed headline hierachy in adoc test docs

@sknorr sknorr released this Apr 18, 2018 · 115 commits to develop since this release

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First release with preliminary ASCIIDoc support.

@fsundermeyer fsundermeyer released this Jun 14, 2017 · 134 commits to develop since this release

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New Features

  • added a dependency checker for DAPS (/usr/bin/daps-check-deps) that makes it easy to check for missing programs/packages
  • added a --lean parameter to PDF generation for creating PDFs with a reduced file size (by reducing the quality of included images); useful for sharing PDFs via e-mail
  • added a stylesheet for returning all IDs from an XML file (daps-xslt/common/get-all-xmlids.xsl)


  • #408: The list-file-* commands now work with ROOTIDs from all possible elements
  • #390: When an ID appears twice in the XML and this ID is used with --rootid, DAPS's error message is unhelpful
  • #365: Improved error messages on "File not found" errors (now tells whether the path was provided by command-line or config file)
  • #371: Make path to the xmlformat config file configurable
  • #372: Adjusted debian dependency list
  • #373: Check unpack-locdrop
  • #379: Output error of list-images-multisrc with pretty | wc option
  • #380: Proper error messages when binaries/packages are missing
  • #392: daps-xmlformat writes name of config file into output
  • SVGs were not included in ePUBs (https://bugzilla.suse.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1006204)
  • Setting a default value for db5_version in configure.ac otherwise the DB5 URN in etc/config will be set to an invalid value if DB5 is not installed when running make
  • fixed a few minor issues with the config file parser that were introduced with 2.3.0 (among them #387)
  • Increased Java stacksize for jing
  • Improved the DocBook5 -> DocBook 4 (-> NovDoc) conversion
  • compatibility: Debian's version of which does not support long parameters


  • Various updates to reflect changes in the code
  • #345: added documentatioon for the xmlformat subcommand
  • #362: added documentation for the --jobs option
  • #363: added documentation about building a bigfile from invalid sources
  • #364: added documentation for the --norefchecks option
  • #403: improved documentation about stylesheet customizing (also see #407)
  • #404: clarify doc about listing unused images
  • completely revised the doc (spelling, language and grammar)
  • doc is not yet 100% on par with the code, but we are getting closer


  • successfully tested DAPS on Linux Mint 18.1

@fsundermeyer fsundermeyer released this Aug 5, 2016 · 216 commits to develop since this release

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New Features:

  • Config File Parser:
    Up to now, config files (DC-files, /etc/daps/config and ~/.config/daps/dapsrc) have been sourced. This has been a major security issue, since every shell code gets executed when a file is being sourced. DAPS 2.3.0 now comes with a parser that fixes this security hole. Apart from one exception (see below) existing config files do not need to be changed. However, the parser offers more flexibility, see https://github.com/openSUSE/daps/blob/develop/etc/config.in for documentation (the manuals has not been updated, yet).
    The only exception that requires changes in the config file is something like FOO="$FOO bar" To concatenate values, use "+=" now. See the following commit for an example: 7a2ce04
  • Bash Completion:
    TAB-completion for DAPS has been one of the very first feature requests we opened (almost five years ago). Now we finally managed to conquer the black Bash magic required to get it!
  • Automatically detect the DocBook 5 version:
    If you have DocBook 5.1 installed, docbookxi.rng from 5.1 will automatically be used as the validating schema for DocBook 5 documents. If you rather want to use the 5.0 schema or a custom schema, set DOCBOOK5_RNG_URI accordingly in /etc/daps/config (for a system wide configuration), in $HOME/.config/daps/dapsrc (for a user specific configuration), or in the DC-file (for a document-specific configuration)


  • subcommand locdrop failed when the book did not include images
  • spellcheck now ignores text in <replaceable> tags
  • obsolete daps-susespell has been removed (replaced by daps ... spellcheck long ago)
  • paths starting with "~" were not always correctly resolved
  • several fixes for ePUB, among them a fix that now correctly chooses mediaobject entries with role="html" rather than choosing the first one listed ion the XML source
  • #10 : Generate TAB completion
  • #359: Drop bash 3 support
  • #369: Code review: Check Variable Assignments
  • #375: Issues with the xmlformat target