@fsundermeyer fsundermeyer released this Jun 14, 2017 · 127 commits to develop since this release

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New Features

  • added a dependency checker for DAPS (/usr/bin/daps-check-deps) that makes it easy to check for missing programs/packages
  • added a --lean parameter to PDF generation for creating PDFs with a reduced file size (by reducing the quality of included images); useful for sharing PDFs via e-mail
  • added a stylesheet for returning all IDs from an XML file (daps-xslt/common/get-all-xmlids.xsl)


  • #408: The list-file-* commands now work with ROOTIDs from all possible elements
  • #390: When an ID appears twice in the XML and this ID is used with --rootid, DAPS's error message is unhelpful
  • #365: Improved error messages on "File not found" errors (now tells whether the path was provided by command-line or config file)
  • #371: Make path to the xmlformat config file configurable
  • #372: Adjusted debian dependency list
  • #373: Check unpack-locdrop
  • #379: Output error of list-images-multisrc with pretty | wc option
  • #380: Proper error messages when binaries/packages are missing
  • #392: daps-xmlformat writes name of config file into output
  • SVGs were not included in ePUBs (https://bugzilla.suse.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1006204)
  • Setting a default value for db5_version in configure.ac otherwise the DB5 URN in etc/config will be set to an invalid value if DB5 is not installed when running make
  • fixed a few minor issues with the config file parser that were introduced with 2.3.0 (among them #387)
  • Increased Java stacksize for jing
  • Improved the DocBook5 -> DocBook 4 (-> NovDoc) conversion
  • compatibility: Debian's version of which does not support long parameters


  • Various updates to reflect changes in the code
  • #345: added documentatioon for the xmlformat subcommand
  • #362: added documentation for the --jobs option
  • #363: added documentation about building a bigfile from invalid sources
  • #364: added documentation for the --norefchecks option
  • #403: improved documentation about stylesheet customizing (also see #407)
  • #404: clarify doc about listing unused images
  • completely revised the doc (spelling, language and grammar)
  • doc is not yet 100% on par with the code, but we are getting closer


  • successfully tested DAPS on Linux Mint 18.1