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Stable release DAPS 3.0.0

New Features

  • added support for ASCIIDOC sources
  • added support for LibreOffice Draw images (*.odg)
  • added support for specifying a config file on the command line
    (with --config)
  • added SVG support for HTML builds
  • integrated hunspell and make aspell optional
  • initial well-formedness check ignores duplicated IDs (this
    allows to have identical IDs in parts that get profiled)
  • initial well-formedness warns about missing xi:include files
  • daps-autobuild now supports building single books (via the
    --dcfiles option)
  • DAPS prgram name and version are passed to stylesheets with
    xslt parameters converter.name and converter.version
  • implement file not found for XIncludes
  • FOP and XEP version numbers are shown in debug/verbose output
  • various improvements for the DocBook to NovDoc conversion
  • split lib/daps_functions into several files to improve speed
    and maintainability


  • #476: DAPS generates ODG->SVG files into images/src
  • #475: Tab completion creates error
  • #474: Potentially wrong variable assignment
  • #437: lodraw tries to convert empty SVG
  • #469: RPMLINT complains about permissions of XSLT stylesheet
  • #468: xmlwellformed script creates RPMLINT warning
  • #466: Build issues with daps-xmlwellformed
  • #464: xmlformat incorrectly formats variablelist terms
  • #462: Implement file not found for XIncludes
  • #459: By default, use the xep-daps.xml configuration from
  • #457: Ship the asciidoc postprocessing stylesheet
  • #455: Transform glosslist into variablelist (NovDoc conversion)
  • #453: Cleanup stylesheet for results from ASCIIDoctor
  • #452: Make it possible to specify the ASCIIDOC doc type
  • #439: Make xmlformat more verbose in debug mode
  • #435: require java-devel >= 1.8.0
  • #425: Well-formedness check fails with double occurrences
    of xml:ids
  • #424: Fix XML catalog generation
  • #422: Integrate hunspell and make aspell optional
  • #421: Show FOP and XEP version in debug/verbose output
  • #419: HTML and PDF builds need different paths for Admonition
    and Callout Images
  • #416: DAPS Won't Built With UTF-8 Characters in XML Filenames
  • #415: Add support for LibreOffice Draw files
  • #397: Spaces in path problem
  • #322: Add documentation for --xmlonly / --imgonly switches
    for the list-srcfiles subcommand
  • #226: Let stylesheets know which version of DAPS calls them
  • #119: daps-init: also include example for set
  • show a warning when an existing PDF has a size of 0 bytes
    (usually the result of a failed FOP build)
  • PDF fails when static links in build/.tmp already exist
  • fixed DocBook identifiers in configure.ac
  • made unpack-lopcdrop more robust against non-critical issues;
    improved its debugging output


  • new guide: ASCIIDOC Quick Start
  • Various updates to reflect changes in the code
  • Improve help text for daps-xslt
  • Improve error message for IDs defined multiple times

Removed support for:

  • sourcing DC-files
  • help texts for deprecated daps 1.x commands


  • converted Python scripts to Python 3; changed build
    dependencies to python3