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Some hints about the Hermes installation...
The Hermes Baselibs:
The Hermes baselibs are perl modules used by the hermes server and
the hermes command line tools. They also can be used by clients to
post messages not over http but directly into the hermes database.
Direct access to the database and database credentials must be
available for that.
- perl
perl Modules:
Name SUSE Package Name
Html-Template perl-HTML-Template
Data::Dumper perl-base
DBI perl-DBI
Net::Jabber perl-Net-Jabber
MIME::Lite perl-MIME-Lite
XML::RSS -no openSUSE package yet-
Net::Twitter perl-Net-Twitter
JSON::Any perl-JSON-Any
Cache::Memcached perl-Cache-Memcached
Cache::Memcached::Fast perl-Cache-Memcached-Fast
LWP::UserAgent perl-libwww-perl
HTTP::Request perl-libwww-perl
URI::Escape perl-URI
Email::Date::Format perl-Email-Date-Format
All these should be the OBS project openSUSE::Tools
The Hermes Server Herminator
The Hermes server is a server which takes notifications and messages
over HTTP and stores it to a database. Clients access Herminator over
the HTTP interface.
Herminator comes with a little web application that for administration
- mysql
- Hermes Baselibs
- HTTP Server (Apache), able to serv perl cgis
- perl
perl Modules:
* CGI::Application perl-CGI-Application
Hermes Starship
Hermes Starship is a Ruby on Rails application that enables people to
manage their subscriptions to notifications in the hermes system.
That means that user can say which notifications they want to see
approaching them in which way and when.
- mysql
- Ruby
- Ruby on Rails version >2