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Utility for writing raw disk images & hybrid isos to USB keys
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fix bnc#871120: doesn't unmount partition
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windows accept img files
.gitignore Better .gitignore
DeviceItem.h First code checkin
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MainWindow.cpp accept img files
MainWindow.h Adding support for udisks2
MetaTypes.h Adding support for udisks2
Platform.cpp use file descriptor passing
Platform.h use file descriptor passing
PlatformHal.cpp Adding support for udisks2
PlatformHal.h use file descriptor passing
PlatformUdisks.cpp Adding support for udisks2
PlatformUdisks.h use file descriptor passing
PlatformUdisks2.cpp fix bnc#871120: doesn't unmount partition
PlatformUdisks2.h use file descriptor passing Some updates to the build process
imagewriter.1 Add manpage for imagewriter
imagewriter.desktop Remove path to exec in desktop file Use target for install in pro file rather than imagewriter.
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imagewriter.spec Further update, now fixed install for SLE in pro file.
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main.cpp use file descriptor passing
udisks2_interface.cpp Some updates to the build process
udisks2_interface.h Adding support for udisks2
udisks2_interface.xml Adding support for udisks2
udisks2_mountpoints_interface.cpp Some updates to the build process
udisks2_mountpoints_interface.h Adding support for udisks2
udisks2_mountpoints_interface.xml Adding support for udisks2


Utility for writing raw disk images & hybrid isos to USB keys

Linux Installation

In order to compile, run

** HAL **


** udisks1 **


** udisks2 **


Failing to specify the define will likely not work out.

Then run

% make

Linux kiosk mode

The imagewriter also has the capability to be used in "kiosks" that may have external harddrives. To run in kiosk mode, which both ignores large hard drives and marks unknown USB sticks as "SUSE Studio", run imagewriter with the -k option.

in order to start the imagewriter with sudo, do the following:

% xhost +SI:localuser:root

to allow root access to the current screen and then start the program with:

% sudo DISPLAY=:0 imagewriter
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