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* Copyright (c) 2007, Novell Inc.
* This program is licensed under the BSD license, read LICENSE.BSD
* for further information
* repo.h
#include "pooltypes.h"
#include "pool.h"
#include "repodata.h"
#include "dataiterator.h"
#include "hash.h"
typedef struct _Repo {
const char *name; /* name pointer */
Id repoid; /* our id */
void *appdata; /* application private pointer */
Pool *pool; /* pool containing this repo */
int start; /* start of this repo solvables within pool->solvables */
int end; /* last solvable + 1 of this repo */
int nsolvables; /* number of solvables repo is contributing to pool */
int disabled; /* ignore the solvables? */
int priority; /* priority of this repo */
int subpriority; /* sub-priority of this repo, used just for sorting, not pruning */
Id *idarraydata; /* array of metadata Ids, solvable dependencies are offsets into this array */
int idarraysize;
unsigned nrepodata; /* number of our stores.. */
Id *rpmdbid; /* solvable side data: rpm database id */
Repodata *repodata; /* our stores for non-solvable related data */
Offset lastoff; /* start of last array in idarraydata */
Hashtable lastidhash; /* hash to speed up repo_addid_dep */
Hashmask lastidhash_mask;
int lastidhash_idarraysize;
int lastmarker;
Offset lastmarkerpos;
} Repo;
extern Repo *repo_create(Pool *pool, const char *name);
extern void repo_free(Repo *repo, int reuseids);
extern void repo_empty(Repo *repo, int reuseids);
extern void repo_freedata(Repo *repo);
extern Id repo_add_solvable(Repo *repo);
extern Id repo_add_solvable_block(Repo *repo, int count);
extern void repo_free_solvable(Repo *repo, Id p, int reuseids);
extern void repo_free_solvable_block(Repo *repo, Id start, int count, int reuseids);
extern void *repo_sidedata_create(Repo *repo, size_t size);
extern void *repo_sidedata_extend(Repo *repo, void *b, size_t size, Id p, int count);
extern Offset repo_addid(Repo *repo, Offset olddeps, Id id);
extern Offset repo_addid_dep(Repo *repo, Offset olddeps, Id id, Id marker);
extern Offset repo_reserve_ids(Repo *repo, Offset olddeps, int num);
extern Offset repo_fix_supplements(Repo *repo, Offset provides, Offset supplements, Offset freshens);
extern Offset repo_fix_conflicts(Repo *repo, Offset conflicts);
static inline const char *repo_name(const Repo *repo)
return repo->name;
/* those two functions are here because they need the Repo definition */
static inline Repo *pool_id2repo(Pool *pool, Id repoid)
return repoid < pool->nrepos ? pool->repos[repoid] : 0;
static inline int pool_installable(const Pool *pool, Solvable *s)
if (!s->arch || s->arch == ARCH_SRC || s->arch == ARCH_NOSRC)
return 0;
if (s->repo && s->repo->disabled)
return 0;
if (pool->id2arch && (s->arch > pool->lastarch || !pool->id2arch[s->arch]))
return 0;
if (pool->considered)
Id id = s - pool->solvables;
if (!MAPTST(pool->considered, id))
return 0;
return 1;
/* search callback values */
#define SEARCH_STOP 3
/* standard flags used in the repo_add functions */
#define REPO_REUSE_REPODATA (1 << 0)
#define REPO_NO_INTERNALIZE (1 << 1)
#define REPO_LOCALPOOL (1 << 2)
#define REPO_USE_LOADING (1 << 3)
#define REPO_EXTEND_SOLVABLES (1 << 4)
Repodata *repo_add_repodata(Repo *repo, int flags);
Repodata *repo_id2repodata(Repo *repo, Id id);
Repodata *repo_last_repodata(Repo *repo);
void repo_search(Repo *repo, Id p, Id key, const char *match, int flags, int (*callback)(void *cbdata, Solvable *s, Repodata *data, Repokey *key, KeyValue *kv), void *cbdata);
/* returns the string value of the attribute, or NULL if not found */
Id repo_lookup_type(Repo *repo, Id entry, Id keyname);
const char *repo_lookup_str(Repo *repo, Id entry, Id keyname);
/* returns the integer value of the attribute, or notfound if not found */
unsigned long long repo_lookup_num(Repo *repo, Id entry, Id keyname, unsigned long long notfound);
Id repo_lookup_id(Repo *repo, Id entry, Id keyname);
int repo_lookup_idarray(Repo *repo, Id entry, Id keyname, Queue *q);
int repo_lookup_deparray(Repo *repo, Id entry, Id keyname, Queue *q, Id marker);
int repo_lookup_void(Repo *repo, Id entry, Id keyname);
const char *repo_lookup_checksum(Repo *repo, Id entry, Id keyname, Id *typep);
const unsigned char *repo_lookup_bin_checksum(Repo *repo, Id entry, Id keyname, Id *typep);
void repo_set_id(Repo *repo, Id p, Id keyname, Id id);
void repo_set_num(Repo *repo, Id p, Id keyname, unsigned long long num);
void repo_set_str(Repo *repo, Id p, Id keyname, const char *str);
void repo_set_poolstr(Repo *repo, Id p, Id keyname, const char *str);
void repo_add_poolstr_array(Repo *repo, Id p, Id keyname, const char *str);
void repo_add_idarray(Repo *repo, Id p, Id keyname, Id id);
void repo_add_deparray(Repo *repo, Id p, Id keyname, Id dep, Id marker);
void repo_set_idarray(Repo *repo, Id p, Id keyname, Queue *q);
void repo_set_deparray(Repo *repo, Id p, Id keyname, Queue *q, Id marker);
void repo_internalize(Repo *repo);
void repo_disable_paging(Repo *repo);
/* iterator macros */
#define FOR_REPO_SOLVABLES(r, p, s) \
for (p = (r)->start, s = (r)->pool->solvables + p; p < (r)->end; p++, s = (r)->pool->solvables + p) \
if (s->repo == (r))
#define FOR_REPODATAS(repo, rdid, data) \
for (rdid = 1, data = repo->repodata + rdid; rdid < repo->nrepodata; rdid++, data++)
#define FOR_REPODATAS(repo, rdid, data) \
for (rdid = 1; rdid < repo->nrepodata && (data = repo_id2repodata(repo, rdid)); rdid++)
#endif /* LIBSOLV_REPO_H */