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* Copyright (c) 2007-2012, Novell Inc.
* This program is licensed under the BSD license, read LICENSE.BSD
* for further information
* solvable.h
* A solvable represents an object with name-epoch:version-release.arch
* and dependencies
#include "pooltypes.h"
#include "queue.h"
struct _Repo;
typedef struct _Solvable {
Id name;
Id arch;
Id evr; /* epoch:version-release */
Id vendor;
struct _Repo *repo; /* repo we belong to */
/* dependencies are offsets into repo->idarraydata */
Offset provides; /* terminated with Id 0 */
Offset obsoletes;
Offset conflicts;
Offset requires;
Offset recommends;
Offset suggests;
Offset supplements;
Offset enhances;
} Solvable;
/* lookup functions */
Id solvable_lookup_type(Solvable *s, Id keyname);
Id solvable_lookup_id(Solvable *s, Id keyname);
unsigned long long solvable_lookup_num(Solvable *s, Id keyname, unsigned long long notfound);
unsigned int solvable_lookup_sizek(Solvable *s, Id keyname, unsigned int notfound);
const char *solvable_lookup_str(Solvable *s, Id keyname);
const char *solvable_lookup_str_poollang(Solvable *s, Id keyname);
const char *solvable_lookup_str_lang(Solvable *s, Id keyname, const char *lang, int usebase);
int solvable_lookup_bool(Solvable *s, Id keyname);
int solvable_lookup_void(Solvable *s, Id keyname);
char *solvable_get_location(Solvable *s, unsigned int *medianrp);
const unsigned char *solvable_lookup_bin_checksum(Solvable *s, Id keyname, Id *typep);
const char *solvable_lookup_checksum(Solvable *s, Id keyname, Id *typep);
int solvable_lookup_idarray(Solvable *s, Id keyname, Queue *q);
int solvable_lookup_deparray(Solvable *s, Id keyname, Queue *q, Id marker);
/* setter functions */
void solvable_set_id(Solvable *s, Id keyname, Id id);
void solvable_set_num(Solvable *s, Id keyname, unsigned long long num);
void solvable_set_str(Solvable *s, Id keyname, const char *str);
void solvable_set_poolstr(Solvable *s, Id keyname, const char *str);
void solvable_add_poolstr_array(Solvable *s, Id keyname, const char *str);
void solvable_add_idarray(Solvable *s, Id keyname, Id id);
void solvable_add_deparray(Solvable *s, Id keyname, Id dep, Id marker);
void solvable_set_idarray(Solvable *s, Id keyname, Queue *q);
void solvable_set_deparray(Solvable *s, Id keyname, Queue *q, Id marker);
int solvable_identical(Solvable *s1, Solvable *s2);
Id solvable_selfprovidedep(Solvable *s);
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