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* Copyright (c) 2007, Novell Inc.
* This program is licensed under the BSD license, read LICENSE.BSD
* for further information
* repodata.h
#include <stdio.h>
#include "pooltypes.h"
#include "pool.h"
#include "dirpool.h"
#include "repopage.h"
#define SIZEOF_MD5 16
#define SIZEOF_SHA1 20
#define SIZEOF_SHA256 32
struct _Repo;
struct _KeyValue;
typedef struct _Repokey {
Id name;
Id type; /* REPOKEY_TYPE_xxx */
unsigned int size;
unsigned int storage; /* KEY_STORAGE_xxx */
} Repokey;
typedef struct _Repodata {
struct _Repo *repo; /* back pointer to repo */
int state; /* available, stub or error */
void (*loadcallback)(struct _Repodata *);
int start; /* start of solvables this repodata is valid for */
int end; /* last solvable + 1 of this repodata */
FILE *fp; /* file pointer of solv file */
int error; /* corrupt solv file */
Repokey *keys; /* keys, first entry is always zero */
unsigned int nkeys; /* length of keys array */
unsigned char keybits[32]; /* keyname hash */
Id *schemata; /* schema -> offset into schemadata */
unsigned int nschemata; /* number of schemata */
Id *schemadata; /* schema storage */
unsigned int schemadatalen; /* schema storage size */
Id *schematahash; /* unification helper */
Stringpool spool; /* local string pool */
int localpool; /* is local string pool used */
Dirpool dirpool; /* local dir pool */
unsigned char *incoredata; /* in-core data */
unsigned int incoredatalen; /* in-core data used */
unsigned int incoredatafree; /* free data len */
Id mainschema; /* SOLVID_META schema */
Id *mainschemaoffsets; /* SOLVID_META offsets into incoredata */
Id *incoreoffset; /* offset for all entries */
Id *verticaloffset; /* offset for all verticals, nkeys elements */
Id lastverticaloffset; /* end of verticals */
Repopagestore store; /* our page store */
unsigned char *vincore; /* internal vertical data */
unsigned int vincorelen; /* data size */
Id **attrs; /* un-internalized attributes */
Id **xattrs; /* anonymous handles */
int nxattrs; /* number of handles */
unsigned char *attrdata; /* their string data space */
unsigned int attrdatalen; /* its len */
Id *attriddata; /* their id space */
unsigned int attriddatalen; /* its len */
/* array cache to speed up repodata_add functions*/
Id lasthandle;
Id lastkey;
Id lastdatalen;
} Repodata;
#define SOLVID_META -1
#define SOLVID_POS -2
#define SOLVID_SUBSCHEMA -3 /* internal! */
* management functions
void repodata_initdata(Repodata *data, struct _Repo *repo, int localpool);
void repodata_freedata(Repodata *data);
Repodata *repodata_create(struct _Repo *repo, int localpool);
void repodata_free(Repodata *data);
void repodata_empty(Repodata *data, int localpool);
* key management functions
Id repodata_key2id(Repodata *data, Repokey *key, int create);
static inline Repokey *
repodata_id2key(Repodata *data, Id keyid)
return data->keys + keyid;
* schema management functions
Id repodata_schema2id(Repodata *data, Id *schema, int create);
void repodata_free_schemahash(Repodata *data);
static inline Id *
repodata_id2schema(Repodata *data, Id schemaid)
return data->schemadata + data->schemata[schemaid];
* data search and access
/* check if there is a chance that the repodata contains data for
* the specified keyname */
static inline int
repodata_precheck_keyname(Repodata *data, Id keyname)
unsigned char x = data->keybits[(keyname >> 3) & (sizeof(data->keybits) - 1)];
return x && (x & (1 << (keyname & 7))) ? 1 : 0;
/* check if the repodata contains data for the specified keyname */
static inline int
repodata_has_keyname(Repodata *data, Id keyname)
int i;
if (!repodata_precheck_keyname(data, keyname))
return 0;
for (i = 1; i < data->nkeys; i++)
if (data->keys[i].name == keyname)
return 1;
return 0;
/* search key <keyname> (all keys, if keyname == 0) for Id <solvid>
* Call <callback> for each match */
void repodata_search(Repodata *data, Id solvid, Id keyname, int flags, int (*callback)(void *cbdata, Solvable *s, Repodata *data, Repokey *key, struct _KeyValue *kv), void *cbdata);
/* Make sure the found KeyValue has the "str" field set. Return false
* if not possible */
int repodata_stringify(Pool *pool, Repodata *data, Repokey *key, struct _KeyValue *kv, int flags);
int repodata_filelistfilter_matches(Repodata *data, const char *str);
/* lookup functions */
Id repodata_lookup_type(Repodata *data, Id solvid, Id keyname);
Id repodata_lookup_id(Repodata *data, Id solvid, Id keyname);
const char *repodata_lookup_str(Repodata *data, Id solvid, Id keyname);
int repodata_lookup_num(Repodata *data, Id solvid, Id keyname, unsigned int *value);
int repodata_lookup_void(Repodata *data, Id solvid, Id keyname);
const unsigned char *repodata_lookup_bin_checksum(Repodata *data, Id solvid, Id keyname, Id *typep);
int repodata_lookup_idarray(Repodata *data, Id solvid, Id keyname, Queue *q);
* data assignment functions
* extend the data so that it contains the specified solvables
* (no longer needed, as the repodata_set functions autoextend)
void repodata_extend(Repodata *data, Id p);
void repodata_extend_block(Repodata *data, Id p, int num);
void repodata_shrink(Repodata *data, int end);
/* internalize freshly set data, so that it is found by the search
* functions and written out */
void repodata_internalize(Repodata *data);
/* create an anonymous handle. useful for substructures like
* fixarray/flexarray */
Id repodata_new_handle(Repodata *data);
/* basic types: void, num, string, Id */
void repodata_set_void(Repodata *data, Id solvid, Id keyname);
void repodata_set_num(Repodata *data, Id solvid, Id keyname, unsigned int num);
void repodata_set_id(Repodata *data, Id solvid, Id keyname, Id id);
void repodata_set_str(Repodata *data, Id solvid, Id keyname, const char *str);
void repodata_set_binary(Repodata *data, Id solvid, Id keyname, void *buf, int len);
/* create id from string, then set_id */
void repodata_set_poolstr(Repodata *data, Id solvid, Id keyname, const char *str);
/* set numeric constant */
void repodata_set_constant(Repodata *data, Id solvid, Id keyname, unsigned int constant);
/* set Id constant */
void repodata_set_constantid(Repodata *data, Id solvid, Id keyname, Id id);
/* checksum */
void repodata_set_bin_checksum(Repodata *data, Id solvid, Id keyname, Id type,
const unsigned char *buf);
void repodata_set_checksum(Repodata *data, Id solvid, Id keyname, Id type,
const char *str);
void repodata_set_idarray(Repodata *data, Id solvid, Id keyname, Queue *q);
/* directory (for package file list) */
void repodata_add_dirnumnum(Repodata *data, Id solvid, Id keyname, Id dir, Id num, Id num2);
void repodata_add_dirstr(Repodata *data, Id solvid, Id keyname, Id dir, const char *str);
/* Arrays */
void repodata_add_idarray(Repodata *data, Id solvid, Id keyname, Id id);
void repodata_add_poolstr_array(Repodata *data, Id solvid, Id keyname, const char *str);
void repodata_add_fixarray(Repodata *data, Id solvid, Id keyname, Id ghandle);
void repodata_add_flexarray(Repodata *data, Id solvid, Id keyname, Id ghandle);
void repodata_delete(Repodata *data, Id solvid, Id keyname);
void repodata_delete_uninternalized(Repodata *data, Id solvid, Id keyname);
merge attributes from one solvable to another
works only if the data is not yet internalized
void repodata_merge_attrs(Repodata *data, Id dest, Id src);
void repodata_merge_some_attrs(Repodata *data, Id dest, Id src, Map *keyidmap, int overwrite);
void repodata_create_stubs(Repodata *data);
void repodata_join(Repodata *data, Id joinkey);
* load all paged data, used to speed up copying in repo_rpmdb
void repodata_disable_paging(Repodata *data);
/* helper functions */
Id repodata_globalize_id(Repodata *data, Id id, int create);
Id repodata_localize_id(Repodata *data, Id id, int create);
Id repodata_str2dir(Repodata *data, const char *dir, int create);
const char *repodata_dir2str(Repodata *data, Id did, const char *suf);
const char *repodata_chk2str(Repodata *data, Id type, const unsigned char *buf);
void repodata_set_location(Repodata *data, Id solvid, int medianr, const char *dir, const char *file);
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