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* Copyright (c) 2008, Novell Inc.
* This program is licensed under the BSD license, read LICENSE.BSD
* for further information
* solverdebug.h
#include "pooltypes.h"
#include "pool.h"
#include "solver.h"
extern Id *solver_create_decisions_obsoletesmap(Solver *solv);
extern void solver_printruleelement(Solver *solv, int type, Rule *r, Id v);
extern void solver_printrule(Solver *solv, int type, Rule *r);
extern void solver_printruleclass(Solver *solv, int type, Rule *r);
extern void solver_printproblem(Solver *solv, Id v);
extern void solver_printwatches(Solver *solv, int type);
extern void solver_printdecisionq(Solver *solv, int type);
extern void solver_printdecisions(Solver *solv);
extern void solver_printproblemruleinfo(Solver *solv, Id rule);
extern void solver_printprobleminfo(Solver *solv, Id problem);
extern void solver_printcompleteprobleminfo(Solver *solv, Id problem);
extern void solver_printsolution(Solver *solv, Id problem, Id solution);
extern void solver_printallsolutions(Solver *solv);
extern void solver_printtrivial(Solver *solv);
extern void transaction_print(Transaction *trans);
extern const char *solver_select2str(Pool *pool, Id select, Id what);
extern const char *pool_job2str(Pool *pool, Id how, Id what, Id flagmask);
extern const char *pool_selection2str(Pool *pool, Queue *selection, Id flagmask);
extern const char *solver_problemruleinfo2str(Solver *solv, SolverRuleinfo type, Id source, Id target, Id dep);
extern const char *solver_solutionelement2str(Solver *solv, Id p, Id rp);
extern const char *policy_illegal2str(Solver *solv, int illegal, Solvable *s, Solvable *rs);
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