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* Copyright (c) 2007-2012, Novell Inc.
* This program is licensed under the BSD license, read LICENSE.BSD
* for further information
* dataiterator.h
#include "pooltypes.h"
#include "pool.h"
struct _Repo;
typedef struct _KeyValue {
Id id;
const char *str;
unsigned int num;
unsigned int num2;
int entry; /* array entry, starts with 0 */
int eof; /* last entry reached */
struct _KeyValue *parent;
} KeyValue;
#define SOLV_KV_NUM64(kv) (((unsigned long long)((kv)->num2)) << 32 | (kv)->num)
/* search matcher flags */
#define SEARCH_GLOB 5
#define SEARCH_REGEX 6
#define SEARCH_ERROR 15
#define SEARCH_NOCASE (1<<7)
/* iterator control */
#define SEARCH_SUB (1<<9)
/* stringification flags */
#define SEARCH_SKIP_KIND (1<<16)
/* By default we stringify just to the basename of a file because
the construction of the full filename is costly. Specify this
flag if you want to match full filenames */
#define SEARCH_FILES (1<<17)
#define SEARCH_CHECKSUMS (1<<18)
/* dataiterator internal */
#define SEARCH_THISSOLVID (1<<31)
* Datamatcher: match a string against a query
typedef struct _Datamatcher {
int flags; /* see matcher flags above */
const char *match; /* the query string */
void *matchdata; /* e.g. compiled regexp */
int error;
} Datamatcher;
int datamatcher_init(Datamatcher *ma, const char *match, int flags);
void datamatcher_free(Datamatcher *ma);
int datamatcher_match(Datamatcher *ma, const char *str);
* Dataiterator
* Iterator like interface to 'search' functionality
* Dataiterator is per-pool, additional filters can be applied
* to limit the search domain. See dataiterator_init below.
* Use these like:
* Dataiterator di;
* dataiterator_init(&di, repo->pool, repo, 0, 0, "bla", SEARCH_SUBSTRING);
* while (dataiterator_step(&di))
* dosomething(di.solvid, di.key, di.kv);
* dataiterator_free(&di);
typedef struct _Dataiterator
int state;
int flags;
Pool *pool;
struct _Repo *repo;
struct _Repodata *data;
/* data pointers */
unsigned char *dp;
unsigned char *ddp;
Id *idp;
Id *keyp;
/* the result */
struct _Repokey *key;
KeyValue kv;
/* our matcher */
Datamatcher matcher;
/* iterators/filters */
Id keyname;
Id repodataid;
Id solvid;
Id repoid;
Id keynames[3 + 1];
int nkeynames;
int rootlevel;
/* recursion data */
struct di_parent {
KeyValue kv;
unsigned char *dp;
Id *keyp;
} parents[3];
int nparents;
} Dataiterator;
* Initialize dataiterator
* di: Pointer to Dataiterator to be initialized
* pool: Search domain for the iterator
* repo: if non-null, limit search to this repo
* solvid: if non-null, limit search to this solvable
* keyname: if non-null, limit search to this keyname
* match: if non-null, limit search to this match
int dataiterator_init(Dataiterator *di, Pool *pool, struct _Repo *repo, Id p, Id keyname, const char *match, int flags);
void dataiterator_init_clone(Dataiterator *di, Dataiterator *from);
void dataiterator_set_search(Dataiterator *di, struct _Repo *repo, Id p);
void dataiterator_set_keyname(Dataiterator *di, Id keyname);
int dataiterator_set_match(Dataiterator *di, const char *match, int flags);
void dataiterator_prepend_keyname(Dataiterator *di, Id keyname);
void dataiterator_free(Dataiterator *di);
int dataiterator_step(Dataiterator *di);
void dataiterator_setpos(Dataiterator *di);
void dataiterator_setpos_parent(Dataiterator *di);
int dataiterator_match(Dataiterator *di, Datamatcher *ma);
void dataiterator_skip_attribute(Dataiterator *di);
void dataiterator_skip_solvable(Dataiterator *di);
void dataiterator_skip_repo(Dataiterator *di);
void dataiterator_jump_to_solvid(Dataiterator *di, Id solvid);
void dataiterator_jump_to_repo(Dataiterator *di, struct _Repo *repo);
void dataiterator_entersub(Dataiterator *di);
void dataiterator_clonepos(Dataiterator *di, Dataiterator *from);
void dataiterator_seek(Dataiterator *di, int whence);
#define DI_SEEK_STAY (1 << 16)
#define DI_SEEK_CHILD 1
#define DI_SEEK_PARENT 2
#define DI_SEEK_REWIND 3
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