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* Copyright (c) 2007, Novell Inc.
* This program is licensed under the BSD license, read LICENSE.BSD
* for further information
* pool.h
#include <stdio.h>
#include "solvversion.h"
#include "pooltypes.h"
#include "poolid.h"
#include "solvable.h"
#include "bitmap.h"
#include "queue.h"
#include "strpool.h"
/* well known ids */
#include "knownid.h"
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
/* well known solvable */
/*----------------------------------------------- */
struct _Repo;
struct _Repodata;
struct _Repokey;
struct _KeyValue;
typedef struct _Datapos {
struct _Repo *repo;
Id solvid;
Id repodataid;
Id schema;
Id dp;
} Datapos;
/* how many strings to maintain (round robin) */
struct _Pool_tmpspace {
int n;
struct _Pool {
void *appdata; /* application private pointer */
struct _Stringpool ss;
Reldep *rels; /* table of rels: Id -> Reldep */
int nrels; /* number of unique rels */
struct _Repo **repos;
int nrepos; /* repos allocated */
int urepos; /* repos in use */
struct _Repo *installed; /* packages considered installed */
Solvable *solvables;
int nsolvables; /* solvables allocated */
const char **languages;
int nlanguages;
/* package manager type, deb/rpm */
int disttype;
Id *id2arch; /* map arch ids to scores */
unsigned char *id2color; /* map arch ids to colors */
Id lastarch; /* last valid entry in id2arch/id2color */
Queue vendormap; /* map vendor to vendorclasses mask */
const char **vendorclasses; /* vendor equivalence classes */
/* providers data, as two-step indirect list
* whatprovides[Id] -> Offset into whatprovidesdata for name
* whatprovidesdata[Offset] -> 0-terminated list of solvables providing Id
Offset *whatprovides; /* Offset to providers of a specific name, Id -> Offset */
Offset *whatprovides_rel; /* Offset to providers of a specific relation, Id -> Offset */
Id *whatprovidesdata; /* Ids of solvable providing Id */
Offset whatprovidesdataoff; /* next free slot within whatprovidesdata */
int whatprovidesdataleft; /* number of 'free slots' within whatprovidesdata */
/* If nonzero, then consider only the solvables with Ids set in this
bitmap for solving. If zero, consider all solvables. */
Map *considered;
/* callback for REL_NAMESPACE dependencies handled by the application */
Id (*nscallback)(struct _Pool *, void *data, Id name, Id evr);
void *nscallbackdata;
/* debug mask and callback */
int debugmask;
void (*debugcallback)(struct _Pool *, void *data, int type, const char *str);
void *debugcallbackdata;
/* load callback */
int (*loadcallback)(struct _Pool *, struct _Repodata *, void *);
void *loadcallbackdata;
/* search position */
Datapos pos;
Queue pooljobs; /* fixed jobs, like USERINSTALLED/MULTIVERSION */
/* flags to tell the library how the installed package manager works */
int promoteepoch; /* true: missing epoch is replaced by epoch of dependency */
int havedistepoch; /* true: thr release part in the evr may contain a distepoch suffix */
int obsoleteusesprovides; /* true: obsoletes are matched against provides, not names */
int implicitobsoleteusesprovides; /* true: implicit obsoletes due to same name are matched against provides, not names */
int obsoleteusescolors; /* true: obsoletes check arch color */
int implicitobsoleteusescolors; /* true: implicit obsoletes check arch color */
int noinstalledobsoletes; /* true: ignore obsoletes of installed packages */
int forbidselfconflicts; /* true: packages which conflict with itself are not installable */
int noobsoletesmultiversion; /* true: obsoletes are ignored for multiversion installs */
Id noarchid; /* ARCH_NOARCH, ARCH_ALL, ARCH_ANY, ... */
/* hash for rel unification */
Hashtable relhashtbl; /* hashtable: (name,evr,op)Hash -> Id */
Hashval relhashmask;
Id *languagecache;
int languagecacheother;
/* our tmp space string space */
struct _Pool_tmpspace tmpspace;
char *errstr; /* last error string */
int errstra; /* allocated space for errstr */
char *rootdir;
int (*custom_vendorcheck)(struct _Pool *, Solvable *, Solvable *);
int addfileprovidesfiltered; /* 1: only use filtered file list for addfileprovides */
int addedfileprovides; /* true: application called addfileprovides */
Queue lazywhatprovidesq; /* queue to store old whatprovides offsets */
int nowhatprovidesaux; /* don't allocate and use the whatprovides aux helper */
Offset *whatprovidesaux;
Offset whatprovidesauxoff;
Id *whatprovidesauxdata;
Offset whatprovidesauxdataoff;
#define DISTTYPE_RPM 0
#define DISTTYPE_DEB 1
#define SOLV_FATAL (1<<0)
#define SOLV_ERROR (1<<1)
#define SOLV_WARN (1<<2)
#define SOLV_DEBUG_STATS (1<<3)
#define SOLV_DEBUG_ANALYZE (1<<6)
#define SOLV_DEBUG_POLICY (1<<9)
#define SOLV_DEBUG_RESULT (1<<10)
#define SOLV_DEBUG_JOB (1<<11)
#define SOLV_DEBUG_SOLVER (1<<12)
#define SOLV_DEBUG_TO_STDERR (1<<30)
/* ----------------------------------------------- */
/* mark dependencies with relation by setting bit31 */
#define MAKERELDEP(id) ((id) | 0x80000000)
#define ISRELDEP(id) (((id) & 0x80000000) != 0)
#define GETRELID(id) ((id) ^ 0x80000000) /* returns Id */
#define GETRELDEP(pool, id) ((pool)->rels + ((id) ^ 0x80000000)) /* returns Reldep* */
#define REL_GT 1
#define REL_EQ 2
#define REL_LT 4
#define REL_AND 16
#define REL_OR 17
#define REL_WITH 18
#define REL_NAMESPACE 19
#define REL_ARCH 20
#define REL_COND 22
#define REL_COMPAT 23
#define REL_KIND 24 /* for filters only */
#define REL_MULTIARCH 25 /* debian multiarch annotation */
#define REL_ELSE 26 /* only as evr part of REL_COND */
#define REL_ERROR 27 /* parse errors and the like */
#if !defined(__GNUC__) && !defined(__attribute__)
# define __attribute__(x)
extern Pool *pool_create(void);
extern void pool_free(Pool *pool);
extern void pool_freeallrepos(Pool *pool, int reuseids);
extern void pool_setdebuglevel(Pool *pool, int level);
extern int pool_setdisttype(Pool *pool, int disttype);
extern int pool_set_flag(Pool *pool, int flag, int value);
extern int pool_get_flag(Pool *pool, int flag);
extern void pool_debug(Pool *pool, int type, const char *format, ...) __attribute__((format(printf, 3, 4)));
extern void pool_setdebugcallback(Pool *pool, void (*debugcallback)(struct _Pool *, void *data, int type, const char *str), void *debugcallbackdata);
extern void pool_setdebugmask(Pool *pool, int mask);
extern void pool_setloadcallback(Pool *pool, int (*cb)(struct _Pool *, struct _Repodata *, void *), void *loadcbdata);
extern void pool_setnamespacecallback(Pool *pool, Id (*cb)(struct _Pool *, void *, Id, Id), void *nscbdata);
extern void pool_flush_namespaceproviders(Pool *pool, Id ns, Id evr);
extern void pool_set_custom_vendorcheck(Pool *pool, int (*vendorcheck)(struct _Pool *, Solvable *, Solvable *));
extern char *pool_alloctmpspace(Pool *pool, int len);
extern void pool_freetmpspace(Pool *pool, const char *space);
extern char *pool_tmpjoin(Pool *pool, const char *str1, const char *str2, const char *str3);
extern char *pool_tmpappend(Pool *pool, const char *str1, const char *str2, const char *str3);
extern const char *pool_bin2hex(Pool *pool, const unsigned char *buf, int len);
extern void pool_set_installed(Pool *pool, struct _Repo *repo);
extern int pool_error(Pool *pool, int ret, const char *format, ...) __attribute__((format(printf, 3, 4)));
extern char *pool_errstr(Pool *pool);
extern void pool_set_rootdir(Pool *pool, const char *rootdir);
extern const char *pool_get_rootdir(Pool *pool);
extern char *pool_prepend_rootdir(Pool *pool, const char *dir);
extern const char *pool_prepend_rootdir_tmp(Pool *pool, const char *dir);
* Solvable management
extern Id pool_add_solvable(Pool *pool);
extern Id pool_add_solvable_block(Pool *pool, int count);
extern void pool_free_solvable_block(Pool *pool, Id start, int count, int reuseids);
static inline Solvable *pool_id2solvable(const Pool *pool, Id p)
return pool->solvables + p;
extern const char *pool_solvable2str(Pool *pool, Solvable *s);
static inline const char *pool_solvid2str(Pool *pool, Id p)
return pool_solvable2str(pool, pool->solvables + p);
void pool_set_languages(Pool *pool, const char **languages, int nlanguages);
Id pool_id2langid(Pool *pool, Id id, const char *lang, int create);
int pool_intersect_evrs(Pool *pool, int pflags, Id pevr, int flags, Id evr);
int pool_match_dep(Pool *pool, Id d1, Id d2);
/* semi private, used in pool_match_nevr */
int pool_match_nevr_rel(Pool *pool, Solvable *s, Id d);
static inline int pool_match_nevr(Pool *pool, Solvable *s, Id d)
if (!ISRELDEP(d))
return d == s->name;
return pool_match_nevr_rel(pool, s, d);
* Prepares a pool for solving
extern void pool_createwhatprovides(Pool *pool);
extern void pool_addfileprovides(Pool *pool);
extern void pool_addfileprovides_queue(Pool *pool, Queue *idq, Queue *idqinst);
extern void pool_freewhatprovides(Pool *pool);
extern Id pool_queuetowhatprovides(Pool *pool, Queue *q);
extern Id pool_ids2whatprovides(Pool *pool, Id *ids, int count);
extern Id pool_searchlazywhatprovidesq(Pool *pool, Id d);
extern Id pool_addrelproviders(Pool *pool, Id d);
static inline Id pool_whatprovides(Pool *pool, Id d)
if (!ISRELDEP(d))
if (pool->whatprovides[d])
return pool->whatprovides[d];
Id v = GETRELID(d);
if (pool->whatprovides_rel[v])
return pool->whatprovides_rel[v];
return pool_addrelproviders(pool, d);
static inline Id *pool_whatprovides_ptr(Pool *pool, Id d)
Id off = pool_whatprovides(pool, d);
return pool->whatprovidesdata + off;
void pool_whatmatchesdep(Pool *pool, Id keyname, Id dep, Queue *q, int marker);
void pool_whatcontainsdep(Pool *pool, Id keyname, Id dep, Queue *q, int marker);
/* search the pool. the following filters are available:
* p - search just this solvable
* key - search only this key
* match - key must match this string
void pool_search(Pool *pool, Id p, Id key, const char *match, int flags, int (*callback)(void *cbdata, Solvable *s, struct _Repodata *data, struct _Repokey *key, struct _KeyValue *kv), void *cbdata);
void pool_clear_pos(Pool *pool);
/* lookup functions */
const char *pool_lookup_str(Pool *pool, Id entry, Id keyname);
Id pool_lookup_id(Pool *pool, Id entry, Id keyname);
unsigned long long pool_lookup_num(Pool *pool, Id entry, Id keyname, unsigned long long notfound);
int pool_lookup_void(Pool *pool, Id entry, Id keyname);
const unsigned char *pool_lookup_bin_checksum(Pool *pool, Id entry, Id keyname, Id *typep);
int pool_lookup_idarray(Pool *pool, Id entry, Id keyname, Queue *q);
const char *pool_lookup_checksum(Pool *pool, Id entry, Id keyname, Id *typep);
const char *pool_lookup_deltalocation(Pool *pool, Id entry, unsigned int *medianrp);
typedef struct _DUChanges {
const char *path;
int kbytes;
int files;
int flags;
} DUChanges;
void pool_create_state_maps(Pool *pool, Queue *installed, Map *installedmap, Map *conflictsmap);
void pool_calc_duchanges(Pool *pool, Map *installedmap, DUChanges *mps, int nmps);
int pool_calc_installsizechange(Pool *pool, Map *installedmap);
void pool_add_fileconflicts_deps(Pool *pool, Queue *conflicts);
/* loop over all providers of d */
#define FOR_PROVIDES(v, vp, d) \
for (vp = pool_whatprovides(pool, d) ; (v = pool->whatprovidesdata[vp++]) != 0; )
/* loop over all repositories */
#define FOR_REPOS(repoid, r) \
for (repoid = 1; repoid < pool->nrepos; repoid++) \
if ((r = pool->repos[repoid]) == 0) \
continue; \
for (p = 2; p < pool->nsolvables; p++) \
if (pool->solvables[p].repo == 0) \
continue; \
#define ISCONDDEP(id) (ISRELDEP(id) && (GETRELDEP(pool, id))->flags == REL_COND)
#define MODIFYCONDDEP(id, tst) do { Reldep *condrd = GETRELDEP(pool, id); Id condp, condpp; FOR_PROVIDES(condrd->evr, condp, condpp) if (tst) break; id = condp ? condrd->name : 0;} while(0)
#define POOL_DEBUG(type, ...) do {if ((pool->debugmask & (type)) != 0) pool_debug(pool, (type), __VA_ARGS__);} while (0)
#define IF_POOLDEBUG(type) if ((pool->debugmask & (type)) != 0)
/* weird suse stuff */
void pool_trivial_installable_multiversionmap(Pool *pool, Map *installedmap, Queue *pkgs, Queue *res, Map *multiversionmap);
void pool_trivial_installable(Pool *pool, Map *installedmap, Queue *pkgs, Queue *res);
#ifdef __cplusplus
#endif /* LIBSOLV_POOL_H */