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Linux storage management library
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data - make btrfs the default filesystem (fate#315901)
doc - omit timestamps in generated documentation to avoid rpmlint warnings
examples Consistent indentation (whitespace-only change)
package Add stub error strings.
po - updated translations (bsc#877325)
storage Fixed a duplicate error code.
testsuite-real - restructured source files
testsuite Documented + improved error reporting for CmdBtrfs
.gitignore extend ,gitignore
AUTHORS - adopted compile/build to split (unfinished)
COPYING - added complete GPL text (bnc #510349)
LIBVERSION - added commit callbacks (for fate#318392) - obey soname package policy
Makefile.repo - detect lib64
VERSION - added commit callbacks (for fate#318392) Added helpers for unit tests - backported patch from build service or whatever script changes sources
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