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The principal goal of the redesign of libstorage and storage related code in YaST is to make YaST catch up with storage trends of the last years, to provide new features and at the same time improve robustness and testability.

The shortcomings of the old code are documented at These shortcomings should be removed.

Features and Bugs

Some features and bugs blocked by the old code are listed at

Additional some features have already been requests:

  • btrfs multi device support

  • bcache

  • dm-cache

  • more comprehensive encryption support

And some technics might be requested soon and might need special support:

  • Support for SMR Host-Managed drives

  • NVMe disks

  • Open Channel SSDs

  • Special partition for BIOS to support suspend from RAM to disk

The goal is not to implement all these features but to have a design where this is easy.


Improved robustness and testability are mandatory. Errors should be catched as early as possible for quick feedback during development. To ensure that:

  • Prefer compile-time checks to run-time checks.

  • Prefer unit tests (run during build) to integration tests (run days or even weeks later).

The code must be designed to be easy testable wherever possible, e.g. complex algorithms and functions should be testable in unit tests. The prototype already includes several testsuites on different levels, see

Simulating the complete linux storage system seems unrealistic since 1. it is very complex, 2. not bug free and 3. constantly changing. So integration tests are required. The code should allow to write small integration tests that target small specific functionality instead of full blown system installation.


A further goal is making at least libstorage useful for other projects. So far two projects have been identified: