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openSUSE News

openSUSE News Website, providing news to the community.

How to submit a new post?

  1. Create a new markdown file in _posts directory. File name should follow format. For example, You can start by clicking this link.

    If you use an illustration image, it should be placed as well in its own directory named with the date format yyyy-mm-dd in /assets/images. For example: /assets/images/2020-02-27/my-first-post-image.png.

  2. Write content. You can start with the following template:

    author: Stasiek Michalski
    date: 2020-02-27 19:27:17+00:00
    layout: post
    title: My First Post
    image: /assets/images/omw.png
    - Announcements
    - infrastructure
    - websites
    Write you post in Markdown and HTML...

    The date and time you set here, in the header, will be the date and time your article, once merged, will be published and available on If you set the current day's date, be aware that there might be up to 2 hours delay between the time the PR got accepted and the time it actually gets picked up by the server.

  3. Save the file and create a pull request. You can find the button at page bottom.

How to build?

bundle install --path vendor/bundle
bundle exec jekyll build

Resulting site will be in _site directory.

How to serve locally?

bundle install --path vendor/bundle
bundle exec jekyll serve

Visit in your browser.

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