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This repository provides the build tool to build binary packages in a a safe and reproducible way. It can be used standalone or within the Open Build Service (OBS).

Latest packages for obs-build are available from openSUSE:Tools downloads.

Supported build environments


  • chroot
  • LXC

Secure but with limited reproducibility:

  • docker
  • nspawn

Secure and with full reproducibility:

  • KVM
  • XEN
  • ZVM (S390)

In addition there is currently experimental support for

  • UML
  • PVM (PowerPC)
  • OpenStack
  • Amazon EC2

For hardware emulation there are

  • qemu which runs a QEMU system emulator inside of KVM. This can be considered also secure and reproducible.
  • The "emulator" VM can be used to run builds using any other emulator via a wrapper script.
  • A QEMU user land emulation is also possible. This would give higher speed, but requires a preparation inside of the base distribution for this mode.

Supported build formats

Major distribution package formats

  • spec to rpm eg SUSE, Fedora, RedHat, CentOS, Mandriva
  • dsc to deb eg Debian, Ubuntu
  • PKGBUILD to pkg eg Arch Linux

Image formats

  • Dockerfile Docker container via docker or podman tooling)
  • kiwi appliances This include a long list of formats supported by the kiwi tool. From live USB stick images, network deployment images, VM images to docker containers
  • SUSE Product SUSE product media builds
  • SimpleImage chroot tar ball based on rpm spec file syntax
  • Debian Livebuild
  • Preinstallimages for speeding up builds esp. inside of OBS

Desktop Image formats

  • AppImage
  • FlatPak
  • Snapcraft

Special modes and formats:

  • debbuild building debian debs our of rpm spec file
  • debbootstrap debian builds using debootstrap as engine
  • mock rpm spec file build using mock as engine
  • collax debian package variation
  • fissile docker images based on BOSH dev releases
  • helm helm charts

Use the --help option for more information.