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This is the Wiki for the "beautiful one-click installer" for openSUSE.


There is the YaST-based one-click installer for openSUSE, which makes it very easy to install packages, which are offered on web sites via a special button.

It uses an XML description, which describes what software has to be installed, which packages and repositories have to be added. When the user clicks the "one-click install" button this file is downloaded and passed on to the one-click installer, which then parses the content, presents it to the user and finally installs the software to the user's system.

New design

Garrett LeSage came up with a design for a new user interface for the one-click installer during one of the openSUSE hack weeks, which simplifies the installation workflow, hides technical detail, and aims to provide a more beautiful experience to the user installing software.

See the following mockups for details. They include descriptions how the installer is supposed to work.

Initial mockup

Second iteration


The beautiful one-click installer is implemented as a stand-alone application using the openSUSE package management stack as a backend. The code is at

Packages will be in the build service.

Link to Build Service Project :

The beautiful one-click installer is tracked as feature #309503 for openSUSE.

Google Summer of Code 2012

Saurabh Sood is working on the implementation of the "beautiful one-click installer" for openSUSE as part of the Google Summer of Code 2012. His mentor is Cornelius Schumacher. Matt Barringer acts as co-mentor.

The progress of the project is tracked on a Trello board

There are regular progress reports in [Saurabh's blog] (

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