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# options to all osc commands
: ${OSCOPTS:="-A"}
# the obs project in question
: ${PROJECT:=openSUSE:Tools:Devel}
: ${PACKAGE:=obs-all-svn}
: ${TARNAME:=obs-all}
: ${SPECFILE:=obs-all-svn.spec}
: ${TARNAME:=obs-server}
# the specfile to test-build locally (default: all spec files in $PWD)
#: ${SPECFILE:=}
: ${TARGET:=openSUSE_11.1}
: ${ARCH:=i586}
# Files from $PWD that are not part of the distribution, one on a line
# There is a second list, $CANONICAL_EXCLUDES, of files which usually
# never are part of the package (.svn, the .distrc, ..), see the
# 'distribute' script for details.
# These are taken from the tar ball or irrelevant during the build:
: ${EXCLUDES:=README.SETUP README.UPDATERS TODO .dist* obs.conf.template sysconfig.obs-worker.template obs-all-svn.spec.template obs-server*.*}
# this package is not in maintenance mode here
# that would mean the tar ball isn't udpated any longer, only patches
# would be added.
# The version and
# The tar ball is updated from here
: ${SVNDIR:=../../buildservice}
# The svnversion of SVNDIR plus this VERSION make up the rpm package
# 'Version:'
: ${VERSION:=1.6.0}
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