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To Do List
* Allow status only for smapp projects or cached
- Right now /project/status will either run out of memory or out of time for projects big enough.
- This needs to be limited – and for larger projects the admin needs to set an attribute
that will trigger a precache on the API for those
* Experiment with new ways to display project build status
- /project/monitor exceeds the limits of the screen way too early.
- There needs to be a way to display the available informations without using so long words.
* package build status popup should be more informative
- The current popup is nice, but for most projects it shows too much informations. A summary would do
* We need nicer progress graphics
- /monitor uses graphics that coolo made with gimp → SCANDAL!
* Chrome has issues displaying tables
- Chrome (possibly chromium too) has e.g. in /project/status the table out of the box
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