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[doc] complete command list for package sources

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@@ -689,15 +689,25 @@ POST /source/<project>/<package>
Multiple commands on processing sources in package. Possible commands are
diff: for server side diff
linkdiff: for server side diff of a linked or branched package
+ servicediff: shows the changes of the service run
commit: commit files in upload revision
commitfilelist: commit defined files in upload revision
+ deleteuploadrev: delete all uploaded sources which are not committed yet
copy: copy package sources from another package
+ undelete: undelete the package
+ unlock: unlock a package with lock enabled. A comment is required.
branch: branch a package into another one
linktobranch: convert a plain source link into a full branch
+ updatepatchinfo: update _patchinfo file, esp. the issues list
+ remove_flag: remove a specific flag from meta (flag must be defined, optionally arch and repository)
+ set_flag: remove a specific flag from meta (flag must be defined, optionally arch and repository)
+ showlinked: show all source packages linking to this one
deleteuploadrev: delete all uploaded, but not yet commited files.
- undelete: undelete the package
+ rebuild: rebuild all builds
+ getprojectservices: list all service defined in project spaces defined for this package.
+ runservice: trigger run of defined services in _service file
+ wipe: wipe all build results of this package
rev: package source revision, optional
@@ -713,6 +723,8 @@ Parameters:
dontupdatesource: Do not update origin package, optional (copy only)
comment: comment for history, optional
meta: switch to meta files
+ arch: architecture when using flag modifing command
+ repository: repository when using flag modifing command
view: may be "xml" for structured answered (for diff commands)
withissues: set to get issues parsed from changelogs (for diff commands)
onlyissues: used to limit to issues (for diff commands)

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