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[doc] add a hint about new scheduler triggering to release notes

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commit 9e2fce30d300092f74deb00a1b3d19cb3b037e63 1 parent 4ee9632
@adrianschroeter adrianschroeter authored
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4 ReleaseNotes-2.3
@@ -115,6 +115,10 @@ Changes:
source links, this means the generated files become visible with expand=1 parameter.
- The state of the service is visible via serviceinfo element in package file list.
+* The scheduler is excluding the link information on calculating rebuilds. This means it triggers
+ only builds when the merged source has changed.
+ NOTE: as a side effect all linked packages will get rebuild due to changed md5sum after 2.3 update.
* The backend is only accepting write access from the localhost by default. Build results can be
still delivered from any host. This can be changed in
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