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[dist] document how to use filesystems on backend

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7 ReleaseNotes-2.3
@@ -158,6 +158,13 @@ Requirements:
* The OBS server should not run on a system with less than 2GB memory.
4GB is recommended, esp. when the same system is also building packages.
+* Filesystems which may be used for the backend data:
+ - XFS is fully validated to work. You should keep the default to do datasync in
+ to avoid corrupted files on system crashes. It is known not to be
+ the best performing FS for OBS.
+ - Ext4 is not validated but should work. datasync calls can be savely disabled.
+ - BTRFS is known to have hard link limitations which currently can break OBS.
* Use osc 0.134 or later to get access to the new features.
* Usage of Ruby on Rails version 2.3.14 is recommended. This should also be available
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