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We fixed a TODO!

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commit d3d326603966b979c5eadb3de6877bb246152950 1 parent 8fcd40b
@saschpe saschpe authored
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@@ -14,11 +14,6 @@ To Do List
* package build status popup should be more informative
- The current popup is nice, but for most projects it shows too much informations. A summary would do
-* /request/diff needs love
- - Mostly missing is the history. Right now it only shows a mix of all history lines.
- - What is missing too is to shorten the diff by default. Right now it loads a huge diff into memory
- and then it let’s javascript make the syntax highlighting. Both are evil
* We need nicer progress graphics
- /monitor uses graphics that coolo made with gimp → SCANDAL!
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