LDAP is unuseable #166

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Is there a plan for fixing it?

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https://github.com/planetargon/open-build-service/commits/master - these guys are redoing the auth layer.

  1. remove LDAP CONFIG overwrite in api/config/environments/production.rb
  2. correct defined? condition in api/app/model/user.rb (I have wrote that in linde note)
  3. add 'ruby-ldap' gem in Gemfile
  4. I get stucked then.

Screen_Shot_2012-12-30_at_10 35 28_PM-2

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SUSE is not investing time in this feature atm. There is a rewrite sponsored by intel, but it got stuck as well. So, this will become most likely a known regression in 2.4 release.

The openSUSE Project member

OBS 2.4.0 got fixes from Intel for LDAP support, I suppose it works now.

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