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feature request: provide osc download url #63

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arunpersaud Stephan Kulow

It would be great if OBS would show a url on the overview page (e.g. under "my actions") that I can just copy and paste so that I can create a local clone on my computer, i.e. "create a local clone using 'osc ...'". something similar to what github has. Since I don't use the build server that often I always have to look up how to do this.

Stephan Kulow

what clone are you talking about? I don't get what url you want


I guess it's called checkout on osc. Something like "osc checkout home:apersaud:branches:science". Since I don't use OBS too often I often forget how to do this (although I admit the url is easy enough), and I often like to build locally first before checking in changes, and I normally don't keep the files around, so next time I need to checkout again.

If you go to, github shows the url to use to clone the repo using git via http or git and I think something similar on the project page would be nice.

In case I can create a branch and checkout locally in one step, it would be nice, if the command for that would be listed on a project page too. At the moment I click the branch button and then figure out how to create the local checkout.

Let me know if this makes more sense now.

Stephan Kulow

and if you go to you will see the project name right in the bread crumb header. is not a frontend to osc, but osc and are interfaces to the same interface of - so if you wanted an URL it would be

That url in return has no value for your osc usage. I can see the value of adding some help how to use osc from within the web interface, but a simple URL won't do (and as I said, the project name is already there).


Here is an example: I just created a random branch from the science project after logging into OBS. The bread crumb then shows: "home:apersaud:branches:science > Packages > R-base" and the "my actions" section on
shows things like "submit branch", "delete branch"...

from the bread crumb I can figure out that I can do:

osc checkout home:apersaud:branches:science

but not what I need to do to just checkout R-base locally... from what I remember I would have to do

osc checkout home:apersaud:branches:science/R-base

but the bread crumbs are not that helpful in this case. It would be nice to have the last line show up somewhere under my actions

Stephan Kulow

but what is wrong in this picture: if you want to work with osc, why don't you create the branch with osc?

BTW: osc checkout takes 2 arguments, the / is just for backward compat to old command line interface.


probably what I should do, but the branch button was there and the osc command wasn't ;) Just read the man page of osc a bit and will do the branching directly from the command line from now on.... The reason why I look at the webpage on OBS is because I look at the matrix of, for example, the science project and then sometimes try to fix "easy" build errors, my workflow is then: check matrix, click on some failure, see if I can fix it, branch, clone local, test build, check in and submit... I still think it would be nice to have the osc commands show up (or a link to a page that explains how to do it via osc) from the project page. Thanks also for the tip on osc checkout, didn't know that one either.

Stephan Kulow

I already agreed to that in #63 (comment) - and left the issue open

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