Long repo names overflow #76

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hennevogel commented Nov 5, 2012

  • in the watchlist
  • in shared/_buildresult_box.html.erb

hennevogel was assigned Nov 5, 2012

aosthof commented Mar 27, 2014

This bug is still persistent and quite annoying (see screenshot). Is there a chance to get this fixed in the near future?


coolo commented Mar 27, 2014

of course there is a chance - it's just ruby and css....

aosthof commented May 22, 2015

This bug is still pretty annoying, any plans to fix that in the near future?


hennevogel commented May 22, 2015

I've experimented a bit with this in the bratwurst theme but have not come to a very good conclusion yet. Especially with copying the text...

aosthof commented May 22, 2015

Just a guess, would it be possible to split the project name string at the ':' and do a line break if the name is too long? Wouldn't be optimal, but better than not being able to determine the project at all. BTW, what is the bratwurst theme? ;)


hennevogel commented May 22, 2015

You can even make it appear right with a negative letter-spacing. And you can cover some of the copy&paste use cases. But not all use cases and definitely not for all browsers. This needs more work and testing.

Bratwurst is our new theme for OBS 3.0, as opposed to bento which is our current theme. :-)

aosthof commented May 22, 2015

OK, fair enough. Thanks for looking into this.


bgeuken commented Oct 21, 2015

fixed (for project watchlist and package files)

bgeuken closed this Oct 21, 2015

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