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fcoe-utils: adds an example script code with detail to mount fcoe dis…

…k/s at startup

Adds this as best practices to mount fcoe disk at startup, I verified added
example works for both RHEL6 and SLES11.

Signed-off-by: Vasu Dev <>
Signed-off-by: Robert Love <>
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1 parent 04b3807 commit 2229ec010706e081a4f4429f69a3b6a373e6844a Vasu Dev committed with Robert Love Sep 16, 2010
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@@ -14,3 +14,67 @@ library, libhbalinux, may be downloaded from The instructions
in the package describes how to download and build the libraries. See the man
pages for other requirements.
+Best Practices :
+Any newly discovered disk can be mounted using udev rules, autofs and possibly by
+other methods as needed but if a fcoe disk is needed during boot by any of other
+system startup service followed by fcoe service start then such fcoe disk needs to
+be mounted along fcoe service start before service requiring fcoe disk gets to start
+at boot. The fcoe disk mounting at boot can be automated by adding fcoe disk
+mounting code to fcoe service start code at /etc/init.d/fcoe and this code should
+be per system configuration for either a simple formatted fcoe disk, lvm
+or muti-path device node etc, below is a sample code as an example to mount a fcoe
+disk having ext3 file system using /etc/fstab entries.
+ mount_fcoe_disks_from_fstab()
+ {
+ local timeout=20
+ local done=1
+ local fcoe_disks=($(egrep 'by-path\/fc-.*_netdev' /etc/fstab | cut -d ' ' -f1))
+ test -z $fcoe_disks && return 0
+ echo -n "Waiting for fcoe disks . "
+ while [ $timeout -gt 0 ]; do
+ for disk in ${fcoe_disks[*]}; do
+ if ! test -b $disk; then
+ done=0
+ break
+ fi
+ done
+ test $done -eq 1 && break;
+ sleep 1
+ echo -n ". "
+ done=1
+ let timeout--
+ done
+ if test $timeout -eq 0; then
+ echo "timeout!"
+ else
+ echo "done!"
+ fi
+ # mount any newly discovered disk
+ mount -a 2>/dev/null
+ }
+ Above mount_fcoe_disks_from_fstab function should be invoked after
+fcoemon daemon is started by fcoe service script to mount any fcoe disk
+specified by path in /etc/fstab as:-
+ /dev/disk/by-path/fc-0xXX:0xXX /mnt/fcoe-disk1 ext3 defaults,_netdev 0 0
+ /dev/disk/by-path/fc-0xYY:0xYY /mnt/fcoe-disk2 ext3 defaults,_netdev 0 0
+ These entries with "fc-" and "_netdev" sub-strings enables
+mount_fcoe_disks_from_fstab to identify fcoe disks mount entries to wait for a
+their fcoe disk to show up within specified timeout period, the timeout is
+set to 20 seconds but can be changed per typical fcoe disk discovery time in
+a system, see man fstab(5) for for more details on above entries.
+ This timeout is needed since currently fcoe service start does not
+know when fcoe disk discovery is going to finish, therefore a timed wait
+would ensure that a fcoe service start will wait for only specified timeout
+or till all fcoe disk from /etc/fstab present before proceeding to mount
+fcoe disks per their /etc/fstab entries in this example.

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