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# SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT
from pprint import pprint
import os
import sys
import re
import logging
from optparse import OptionParser
import cmdln
import requests as REQ
import json
import time
from urllib.error import HTTPError
except ImportError:
# python 2.x
from urllib2 import HTTPError
from xml.etree import cElementTree as ET
except ImportError:
import cElementTree as ET
import cPickle as pickle
import pickle
import osc.conf
import osc.core
from osclib.cache_manager import CacheManager
import ReviewBot
from osclib.comments import CommentAPI
http_GET = osc.core.http_GET
class LegalAuto(ReviewBot.ReviewBot):
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
ReviewBot.ReviewBot.__init__(self, *args, **kwargs)
self.legaldb = None
self.legaldb_headers = {}
self.apinick = None
self.message = None
if self.ibs:
self.apinick = 'ibs#'
self.apinick = 'obs#'
self.override_allow = False # Handled via external tool.
self.request_default_return = True
def retried_GET(self, url):
return http_GET(url)
except HTTPError, e:
if 500 <= e.code <= 599:
print 'Retrying {}'.format(url)
return self.retried_GET(url)
raise e
def request_priority(self):
prio = self.request.priority or 'moderate'
prios = {'low': 1, 'moderate': 2, 'important': 3, 'critical': 4}
prio = prios.get(prio, 4) * 2
if self.ibs:
prio = prio + 1
return prio
def request_nick(self, id=None):
if not id:
id = self.request.reqid
return self.apinick + id
def create_db_entry(self, src_project, src_package, src_rev):
params = {'api': self.apiurl, 'project': src_project, 'package': src_package,
'external_link': self.request_nick(),
'created': self.request.statehistory[0].when + ' UTC'}
if src_rev:
params['rev'] = src_rev
url = osc.core.makeurl(self.legaldb, ['packages'], params)
package =, headers=self.legaldb_headers).json()
if not 'saved' in package:
return None
package = package['saved']
url = osc.core.makeurl(self.legaldb, ['requests'], {'external_link': self.request_nick(),
'package': package['id']})
request =, headers=self.legaldb_headers).json()
return [package['id']]
def check_source_submission(self, src_project, src_package, src_rev, target_project, target_package):"%s/%s@%s -> %s/%s" % (src_project,
src_package, src_rev, target_project, target_package))
to_review = self.open_reviews.get(self.request_nick(), None)
if to_review:"Found " + json.dumps(to_review))
to_review = to_review or self.create_db_entry(
src_project, src_package, src_rev)
if not to_review:
return None
for pack in to_review:
url = osc.core.makeurl(self.legaldb, ['package', str(pack)])
report = REQ.get(url, headers=self.legaldb_headers).json()
if report.get('priority', 0) != self.request_priority():
print "Update priority %d" % self.request_priority()
url = osc.core.makeurl(
self.legaldb, ['package', str(pack)], {'priority': self.request_priority()})
REQ.patch(url, headers=self.legaldb_headers)
state = report.get('state', 'BROKEN')
if state == 'obsolete':
url = osc.core.makeurl(self.legaldb, ['packages', 'import', str(pack)], {
'result': 'reopened in obs', 'state': 'new'})
package =, headers=self.legaldb_headers).json()
# reopen
return None
if not state in ['acceptable', 'correct', 'unacceptable']:
return None
if state == 'unacceptable':
user = report.get('reviewing_user', None)
if not user:
self.message = 'declined'
print("unacceptable without user %d" % report.get('id'))
return None
comment = report.get('result', None)
if comment:
self.message = "@{} declined the legal report with the following comment: {}".format(
user, comment)
self.message = "@{} declined the legal report".format(user)
return None
return False
# print url, json.dumps(report)
self.message = 'ok'
return True
def check_one_request(self, req):
self.message = None
result = super(LegalAuto, self).check_one_request(req)
if result is None and self.message is not None:
print(self.message, req.reqid)
return result
def check_action__default(self, req, a):
self.logger.error("unhandled request type %s" % a.type)
return True
def prepare_review(self):
url = osc.core.makeurl(self.legaldb, ['requests'])
req = REQ.get(url, headers=self.legaldb_headers)
req = req.json()
self.open_reviews = {}
requests = []
for hash in req['requests']:
ext_link = str(hash['external_link'])
self.open_reviews[ext_link] = list(set(hash['packages']))
if ext_link.startswith(self.apinick):
rq = ext_link[len(self.apinick):]
requests.append('@id=' + rq)
while len(requests):
batch = requests[:200]
requests = requests[200:]
match = "(state/@name='declined' or state/@name='revoked' or state/@name='superseded')"
match += ' and (' + ' or '.join(sorted(batch)) + ')'
url = osc.core.makeurl(
self.apiurl, ['search', 'request', 'id'], {'match': match})
# prefer POST because of the length
root = ET.parse(osc.core.http_POST(url)).getroot()
for request in root.findall('request'):
def delete_from_db(self, id):
url = osc.core.makeurl(
self.legaldb, ['requests'], {'external_link': self.request_nick(id)})
REQ.delete(url, headers=self.legaldb_headers)
# overload as we need to get of the bot_request
def _set_review(self, req, state):
if self.dryrun:
self.logger.debug("dry setting %s to %s with %s" %
(req.reqid, state, self.message))
self.logger.debug("setting %s to %s" % (req.reqid, state))
reqid=req.reqid, newstate=state,
by_user=self.review_user, message=self.message)
def _pkl_path(self):
def update_project(self, project):
with open(self._pkl_path(), 'rb') as pkl_file:
self.pkg_cache = pickle.load(pkl_file)
except (IOError, EOFError):
self.pkg_cache = {}
self.packages = []
# we can't create packages for requests - we need a nonewpackages=1 first
# self._query_requests(project)
url = osc.core.makeurl(self.legaldb, ['products', project])
request = REQ.patch(url, headers=self.legaldb_headers, data={'id': self.packages}).json()
def _save_pkl(self):
pkl_file = open(self._pkl_path(), 'wb')
pickle.dump(self.pkg_cache, pkl_file)
def _query_sources(self, project):
url = osc.core.makeurl(
self.apiurl, ['source', project], {'view': 'info'})
f = self.retried_GET(url)
root = ET.parse(f).getroot()
#root = ET.fromstring(open('').read())
for si in root.findall('sourceinfo'):
if si.findall('error'):
package = si.get('package')
if ':' in package:
if package == 'patchinfo' or package.startswith('patchinfo.'):
# handle maintenance links - we only want the latest
match = re.match(r'(\S+)\.\d+$', package)
if match:
if si.find('filename').text == + '.spec':
match = re.match(r'(\S+)\.imported_\d+$', package)
if match:
skip = False
for l in si.findall('linked'):
lpackage = l.get('package')
# strip sle11's .imported_ suffix
lpackage = re.sub(r'\.imported_\d+$', '', lpackage)
# check if the lpackage is origpackage.NUMBER
match = re.match(r'(\S+)\.\d+$', lpackage)
if match and == package:
lpackage = package
if package != lpackage:
print "SKIP", package, "it links to", lpackage
skip = True
if skip:
self.packages.append(self._add_source(project, project, package, si.get('rev')))
def _query_requests(self, project):
match = "(state/@name='new' or state/@name='review') and (action/target/@project='{}')"
match = match.format(project)
url = osc.core.makeurl(
self.apiurl, ['search', 'request'], {'match': match})
f = osc.core.http_GET(url)
root = ET.parse(f).getroot()
for rq in root.findall('request'):
for a in rq.findall('action'):
if not a.attrib['type'] in ('submit', 'maintenance_incident'):
source = a.find('source')
revision = source.attrib.get('rev')
src_project = source.attrib['project']
package = source.attrib['package']
self._add_source(project, src_project, package, revision)
def _add_source(self, tproject, sproject, package, revision):
params = {'api': self.apiurl, 'project': sproject, 'package': package,
'external_link': tproject}
if revision:
params['rev'] = revision
hkey = hash(json.dumps(params, sort_keys=True))
if hkey in self.pkg_cache:
return self.pkg_cache[hkey]
params['priority'] = 1
url = osc.core.makeurl(self.legaldb, ['packages'], params)
obj =, headers=self.legaldb_headers).json()
return None
if not 'saved' in obj:
return None
print "PKG", tproject, sproject, package, revision, obj['saved']['id']
self.pkg_cache[hkey] = obj['saved']['id']
return self.pkg_cache[hkey]
class CommandLineInterface(ReviewBot.CommandLineInterface):
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
ReviewBot.CommandLineInterface.__init__(self, args, kwargs)
self.clazz = LegalAuto
def get_optparser(self):
parser = ReviewBot.CommandLineInterface.get_optparser(self)
parser.add_option("--legaldb", dest='legaldb', metavar='URL',
default='', help="Use different legaldb deployment")
parser.add_option("--token", dest='token', metavar='STRING',
default=False, help="Use token to authenticate")
return parser
def do_project(self, subcmd, opts, *projects):
"""${cmd_name}: Overloaded to create/update product
for project in projects:
def setup_checker(self):
if not self.options.user and not = 'legal-auto'
bot = ReviewBot.CommandLineInterface.setup_checker(self)
bot.legaldb = self.options.legaldb
if self.options.token:
bot.legaldb_headers['Authorization'] = 'Token ' + self.options.token
return bot
if __name__ == "__main__":
requests_log = logging.getLogger("requests.packages.urllib3")
requests_log.propagate = False
app = CommandLineInterface()