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- more command inconsistencies:
osc request show
-B, --bugowner also show requests about packages where I am bugowner
osc my
-b, --bugowner restrict listing to items where the user is bugowner
osc list
-b, --binaries list built binaries instead of sources
osc search
-B PROJECT, --baseproject=PROJECT
--binary search binary packages
-b, --bugowner as -i, but only bugowner
osc checkout
-c, --current-dir place PACKAGE folder in the current directory instead
of a PROJECT/PACKAGE directory
osc branch
-c, --checkout Checkout branched package afterwards ('osc bco' is a
shorthand for this option)
# that means the branch checkout to cwd is not possible
- webpage can create a _link in a fully populated package.
Need to prevent his somehow.
- canonical option parser.
-A, -e, -u, -E <n>, should be univeral to all subconmmands that work on prj/pkg objects.
With all subcommands that work on prj/pkg, the following should all be synonyms:
-A apiurl prj pkg
-A apiurl --project prj --package=pkg
-A apiurl prj/pkg
-A apiurl prj:pkg
The current working directory or its descendants should provide defaults
for apiurl, prj and/or pkg.
See also
- split functionality that needs prj/pac as commandline arguments into a seperate tool (oscremote? osc -r?)
(update: we have some commands meanwhile which exist in an alternate form,
prefixed with r, which works remotely. E.g. rbuildlog, rprjresults, rresults)
- status: implement -u option as in svn [3]
- implement (svn-like) switch command
- implement 'mv' command
- commit: check if errors during PUT are handled sensibly, so the change is
not committed to localmeta
- add switch to commit to change repository options, like to e.g. disable publishing?
- implement optional logging to .osc/log, which could be useful for debugging bugs like
the one where sends empty replies (a hard-to-catch one)
- osc checkout should display file download progress (bnc#442115)
- adjust zsh completion to work with implementation
- add support for adding tags to packages?
FIXME: osc bco ignores --nodevelproject ??
FIXME: osc co overwrites local changes without warning.
FIXME: when branching, the user should be added to bugowner, for the branch project.
FIXME: 'osc rq' shall default to 'osc rq list -M -B -s all',
where -B shows requests related to packages where I am the bugowner.
FIXME: 'osc log openSUSE:Factory PKG' should also point to the bsdevelproject
osc addrepo - obsolete zypper ar
=> hm, addrepo could be used also to add a repo to a project. These functionalities
should not conflict
osc install - obsolete zypper in
- german umlaut characters äöü do not work in the message for osc submitpac.
404 not found, and no request sent.
- implement fedora style 'osc mock' - this requires anonymous read-only access to the build server.
this could use
as a hacky solution, while we are waiting on fate#306192
=> we will not make rpm downloads anonymous possible, this would create too high load on the server.
Please improve build script instead.