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POPCORN - Popularity Contest (for RPM)

Licensed under MIT License
Copyright (c) 2009 Pavol Rusnak <>


Popcorn lists system packages and for each package it reads access time of its
"watched" files (see section Watched Files below). The most recent fileaccess
time is considered as the "package access time". The packages are then split into
four categories depending on the package install time and package access time:

* (r) recent
  - package has been recently installed (less than 30 days)
  - ( now - install_time < 30 days )
* (v) voted
  - package is older than 30 days and has been used in the last 30 days
  - ( now - install_time > 30 days ) and ( now - access_time < 30 days)
* (o) old
  - package is older than 30 days and hasn't been used recently
  - ( now - install_time > 30 days ) and ( now - access_time > 30 days)
* (n) no-files
  - there are no watched files present in the package
  - access_time = 0

Each package falls exactly into one category, so (n + r + v + o) is the total
number of the installed packages.

Popcorn is inspired by Debian Popcon available from


  * client-side written in Python
  * gathers info about packages and sends to server (either via e-mail or HTTP POST)
  * is called from cron every week (random time for each machine)

  * server-side written in C and using libtdb library (
  * reads info from stdin and saves it to stats.tdb

  * called every week on server
  * move stats.tdb to stats-{year}-{week}.tdb and recreates stats.tdb

  * dumps stats.tdb to stdout

Submission format

Format is simple plaintext. First line contains string POPCORN followed by the
popcorn version and architecture. Then the list of packages follows. Each package
is prepended with one character describing the category (see Introduction) and
the space. Plaintext size is around 30 KiB on casual machine, which could be
later compressed to 10-15 KiB using HTTP gzip compression.


POPCORN <popcorn-client_version> <arch>
<category> <package>


POPCORN 0.1 x86_64
o twolame
r sxtopdf
v mozilla-nspr
v libsensors4
n snmp-mibs
n branding-openSUSE
v utempter
v libdrm

Watched files

To find out whether the package has been used recently, access times of the files
in the following directories are watched:


Note: if some of the filesystems are mounted with noatime, the packages
      from this filesystem are always in category 'no-files'

Database format

Format is produced by libtdb library (

 key         | value                | meaning
 arch/<arch> | <int>                | number of reports from arch <arch>
 ver/<ver>   | <int>                | number of reports from ver <ver>
 <name>      | <int><int><int><int> | package <name> was reported <int> times as n,r,v,o

Use popcorn-dump to dump the contents of the database.
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