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Travis CI

By default Travis uses Ubuntu 14.04 LTS for building, but it is possible to run the build in any Linux distribution using Docker.


For each target distribution there is a Dockerfile and the respective script. The Dockerfile defines the steps needed for building the Docker image, the script runs the build in the specific distribution.

The .travis.yml file defines the build matrix which runs builds for all configured distributions in parallel. It is defined in the env section, see more details in the Travis documentation.

Running the Build Locally

  • Install and start Docker
  • Run (as root) the same commands as in the .travis.yml file, that means:
  • First build the docker image locally, e.g. docker build -f Dockerfile.tumbleweed -t snapper-devel ., the Docker image automatically includes also the copy of the current Snapper sources.
  • Then run the build: docker run -it --rm snapper-devel ./ (The --rm will cleanup the new Docker image layer created by the build, if you want to inspect the build artifacts then remove it.)
  • If you need to debug a failure then run bash instead of the Travis script and run the build steps manually. If you need an editor or some other tool you can install them via the respective packaging tool, see the Dockerfile for examples.