DocBook XSL Stylesheets for SUSE branding
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* Add corner brackets in xref-number-and-title/chapter
* Aligned & remove の from intra-* entries
* Add feedback from Japanese language expert
* Confirmed by Patrick, thanks
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SUSE XSL Stylesheets 2.0.12

Build Status

This project contains customization layers for the DocBook XSL stylesheets.

1. Requirements for Building

These stylesheets can be used as-is for DocBook 4 content. To use them with DocBook 5 content, build them with make. For a successful build, you will need:

  • standard GNU utilities (cat, sed, tar, …​)

  • trang

  • xsltproc

  • xmlcatalog

  • aspell

2. Requirements for Use

3. Requirements for Testing

  • dapscompare from Documentation:Tools

4. Running the Tests

The current tests are not run automatically and need some manual intervention for use. They are based upon creating reference images of test documents, making a code change and then creating updated images of the test documents. Then, you can compare the updated images to the reference images.

On the command line, this works out to the following:

  1. In the first invocation, run ./ reference (from the tests/ directory). This will create reference images, that is the baseline from which you can judge if what you did was correct or not).

  2. Do the stylesheet changes.

  3. Now run ./ (without any arguments) again. This will create the comparison images. If there are changes between reference and comparison images, those will be shown to you in a GUI.

The reference images are currently not stored centrally: They differ somewhat depending on, for example, font rendering settings between different computers.