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Feb 14, 2019
version 0.85.2
- Fixed changes file to mention relevant github pull requests.
- Removed remaining preun rpm hook from EOL openSUSE versions
- Merged /var/adm/netconfig move revert from openSUSE:Factory
  causing to not find md5 sums from previous netconfig version
  due to incorrectly merged hook in spec file and trouble on
  transactional systems without writeable /var/lib/netconfig.
  Removed obsolete revert-var-adm-lib-netconfig-move.patch.
- Merged rpm spec bash section marks (gh##23)
Jan 17, 2019
version 0.85.1
- removed modprobe.d/50-blacklist.conf, which will be provided by
  the suse-module-tools package instead (boo#1107611). See also:
Jan 17, 2019
version 0.85.0
- netconfig: change to write resolv.conf,yp.conf,forwarders.conf
  to files in /[var/]run/netconfig/ and link in /etc (fate#325872)
- netconfig: add to update ntp servers in chrony (bsc#1099272) and
  cleaned up to use start-ntpd addserver to update ntpd servers.
May 17, 2018
version 0.84.3
- netconfig: change policy to permit non-NM settings (bsc#1079793)
  As requested and approved by NetworkManager maintainer, the 'auto'
  policy permits now also per interface settings provided by other
  services when NetworkManager is enabled. That is, the auto policy
  resolving has been changed from "STATIC_FALLBACK NetworkManager"
  to "STATIC_FALLBACK * NetworkManager".
- spec: Use %license instead of %doc [bsc#1082318]
Nov 27, 2017
version 0.84.2
- spec: revert change to use _fillupdir in update hook from < 0.80
- merged fixes of the the fillup templates logic and macro in by Marcus Meissner
- Replace references to /var/adm/fillup-templates with new
  %_fillupdir macro (boo#1069468)
- Make /etc/ppp owned by root:root. The group dialout usage is no
  longer used.
Apr 10, 2017
version 0.84.1
- netconfig: cleanup tmp files (boo#1010760)
  When /var/run/ntp/servers-netconfig has been modified externaly,
  don't try to backup or keep tmp files to show what we would do.
- netconfig: improve input check for duplicate keys (bsc#1009801)
- spec: remove requires for not needed insserv (bsc#999850)
Sep 9, 2016
version 0.84.0
- netconfig: intoduced a batch mode (bsc#989741)
  It permits to preform multiple modify/remove operations
  and call the effective update at the end of the batch.
- netconfig: use ntpq, as ntpdc is deprecated (bsc#894889),
  lower sleep lock wait granularity and fix NTP_KEYS parsing
- Drop the omc svcinfo data as they are not used anymore
- Run spec-cleaner to remove few obsolete things
- Drop cvs helper files as we are in git
- Rename to
- Add a blacklist entry for the ACPI power meter driver (bnc#974373)
May 20, 2016
version 0.83.9
- ppp: install refactored ip-up and related scripts (bsc#865573)
Jan 13, 2015
version 0.83.8
- netconfig: use domain name from hostname (bug#912891)
  When there is no dns domain or search list provided (by dhcp),
  but a hostname as FQDN, use it's domain for /etc/resolv.conf
  search list.
- netconfig: merge NetworkManager settings on -m (bug#900982)
- rpm: kill all NetworkManager child processes on migration
  Before we stop (the always running) NetworkManager.service,
  ensure to kill all (child) processes when migrating from the
  NETWORKMANAGER=no variable (bnc#895447).
- rpm: fixed SUSE spelling in the spec file (bnc#889002)
Sep 23, 2014
version 0.83.7
- netconfig: create missed /var/run/ntp directory (bnc#892877)
  When the directory does not exists yet, the ntp service is not
  yet started/running and it is even more important to write the
  servers so ntpd can pickup them at start.
- config: changed NM_ONLINE_TIMEOUT to 30 (bnc#889175)
- config: updated to list new variables in network/dhcp,
  cleanup of ifcfg.template and network/config variables
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