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Travel Support Program management application

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This is a Ruby on Rails based application to manage the requests and reimbursements from travel help programs of free software organizations like the openSUSE Travel Support Program, the GNOME's Conference Travel Subsidy Program or the KDE e.V. Travel Cost Reimbursement initiative.

Although been developed initially at the openSUSE Team at SUSE, the goal is to write a generic application including all the common features so it can be extended and adapted to fulfill the needs of any organization. This is achieved using widely used and flexible components like Bootstrap for the frontend layout or Devise for user authentication.

For a more detailed explanation you can refer to the ABOUT file, in which 'the 6 Ws' are developed. That is: who, what, when, where, why and how (yes, we already know that 'how' does not start with 'W', but we didn't invented the name).


  • Ruby >= 2.7
  • Any Rails supported database system: PosgreSQL, SQLite3, MariaDB, MySQL...


Please refer to INSTALL documentation file


To simplify the process of setting up a development environment, this repository includes some docker-compose configuration examples. Check the DOCKER documentation file.


Ancor González Sosa


This application is released under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public Licence (AGPL). See the LICENSE file for more info