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Site map for easy navigation

There you also find our

HERE you find all the setups that have already been built.

HERE you find all the cubes and modules that are the building blocks of the setups.
Each cube has its own:

  • function description
  • list of 3D printed parts (STL folders)
  • list of additional components that you need to buy
  • assembly tutorial

HERE you will find guidelines for the electronic parts that are used in several cubes and other related stuff.
The discussed topics are:

There is also a simplified guide Electronics for dummies.

HERE you find the Modular Developer Kit. If you want to adapt your ideas to the UC2 framework the Modular Developer Kit gives you the necessary steps in order to do so. We provide detailed description of the definitions, intentions and files. There you also find the templates and CAD drawings.

All software can be found in the dedicated UC2-Software-GIT repository.
There is also a dedicated UC2+ImJoy Image Processing repository.

HERE you find our BOXes. The BOX is a comprehensive toolbox that contains a given set of cubes and can be used for a series of experiments.
Currently, we have three levels:

  • SimpleBOX for schools and demonstration of basic optical principles
  • FullBOX for adventurous biologists and microscopy enthusiasts
  • CourseBOX for Basic Microscopy and Optical Alignment courses

HERE you find a step-by-step guidelines that will lead you through the UC2 toolbox. From the level of total beginners you can follow the steps to become a contribute or spread the idea in your school or research institution.
The guidelines are divided into sections:

Also in the TUTORIALS folder:

HERE you find a collection of ready-to-use workshops based on the modular optics system UC2. It's in the form of documentation of the workshops we already gave.
The documented workshops are: