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An always free, always open-source fork of wmail maintained by a volunteer community.

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The missing desktop client for Gmail & Google Inbox. Bringing the Gmail & Google Inbox experience to your desktop in a neatly packaged app

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openWMail is available on Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux

Download releases

Snap Install

sudo snap install openwmail


openWMail is also available in the Arch AUR. Installable with your favorite aur package manager.

sudo yaourt -S openwmail


openWMail, like wmail before it, is licensed under the Mozilla Public License 2.0.

Building from source

Feeling brave and want to build from source? Here's what you need to do

Firstly you need to get an OAuth client ID and secret from Google. Visit to get started. You'll need to setup your OAuth Client ID and enable the Gmail, Google+ and Identity Toolkit APIs.

To create OAuth client ID & secret, under "API Manager", choose "Create Credentials", then "OAuth client ID". For "Application type", select "Other", and choose some name for the application, as described in these screenshots:

Create credentials

Create OAuth client ID

Next create src/shared/credentials.js with your Google client ID and secret like so...

module.exports = Object.freeze({
	GOOGLE_CLIENT_ID : '<Your google client id>',
	GOOGLE_CLIENT_SECRET: '<Your google client secret>'

Then run the following...

npm install webpack -g
npm run-script install-all
npm start

Packaging Builds

To package builds. (Note packaging osx builds can only be done from osx)

brew install msitools
npm install
npm rebuild
npm run-script package